Hawaii Lava Lake Keeps Rising


Due to the recent eruption of the Kilauea Volcano the lava lake, a popular tourist destination, has risen again, and it keeps rising. According to sources the lake has now reached record heights. Though visitors are not believed to be in danger, when getting near the lake, but from the visitors center onlookers could see the crater of the lava bed.

HawaiiThe eruption was a result of gas building up and when the lava erupted it “exploded” and hurled molten lava and fragments of rock 285 feet to the top. This has created a sort of show for visitors who want to get close and see the reaction of the Kilauea Volcano explosion in Hawaii. Especially when looking through the telescope at the Jaggar Museum at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, visitors can really see the lava lake bubbling, according to sources.

This same volcano is the one that destroyed many homes in Hawaii in a nearby village. Kilauea is one of he most active volcanoes in the state, and it is also one of the largest. It rises 4,190 feet above sea level and covers about 14 percent of the land area in Big Island. Lava lake is also well known for being the lake that supposedly hosts the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele.

By Crystal Boulware


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