Hunting Accident Kills 16-Year Old in New Zealand

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hunting accident

A 16-year-old boy died in New Zealand on Monday morning (May 11) after what investigators are calling a duck hunting accident. The youth was hunting with two friends in the Bay of Plenty when the accident occurred. Ambulances reached the town of Matata, just miles west of Whakatane, responding to a call of a gunshot wound. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene, and the investigation continues.

This unfortunate incident follows a rough beginning to New Zealand’s hunting season, which officially started on the first weekend of May. The first serious injury occurred last weekend, as a man was gravely injured in another hunting accident.

A group of duck hunters were heading out in an ATV in Otago, when the vehicle encountered rough terrain and a shotgun fell out of the ATV, hitting one of the men in the arm. “He had a large exit wound to his arm, which was pulseless,” said a St John Ambulance spokeswoman. Early reports are that he is in stable condition.

By Evander Smart



Photo by CameliaTWU – Creativecommons Flickr License