Iggy Azalea Too “Fancy” for the Haters at the Billboards



Iggy Azalea has had a roller coaster of a career. Her mega hit song Fancy hit the top of the charts immediately after it debuted. Radio stations have to play the song just about every hour, because requests for it kept pouring in. So when her song won best rap song at the Billboard Music Awards this should have come as no surprise. However, her nomination immediately went into question.

On Change.com a petition started circulating to have the BMA revoked. The reason behind this outrage is the song release date. Apparently the people who started the petition believe that the time period for nomination is March 2014 through March 2015. Giving the award a complete life-cycle of a year ending in 2015. Fancy hit the charts in February of 2014. Nearly 12,000 people have signed the petition. The petitioners are claiming that songs like Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda should take the award. Her song had as many hits on the radio and was introduced during the so-called judgment period.

Dick Clark Productions, the company responsible for the Billboard Awards, says they have no intention of withdrawing the award. The company is backing their decision on the protocol they follow for judging. The recording period does indeed run from March to March, however that is not based on release date of the song. If the song receives enough hits on the chart during that period then it gets nominated.

Azalea, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is no stranger to disappointment. Australian born, she came with her grandparents to America at the age of 16 to pursue her dream of music. She fell in love with the sounds of rap and tried without any success to make a go of her music career. So she turned to modeling as a career. Never giving up on music she kept recording and singing. Finally Fancy was made and took her in to the music mainstream almost overnight. Modeling forgotten after a hit single on the charts, and her career was born. Her collaboration with Arianna Grande Problem hit the billboards right behind that and soared to the top of the charts. Azalea is now on the same playing field as the Beetles. The Beetles were the only band to date to hold number one and number two spots on the charts at the same time. Now Azalea has matched them with Fancy at number one and Problem holding number two on the charts.

Azalea’s latest adventure is collaborated on by none other than “IT” girl of pop Britney Spears. Spears being in her 30’s was very familiar and comfortable with the whole 80’s throwback theme displayed in the video. Pretty girls is the first music video for Azalea and once again had outstanding results. The video has had a raise of over 374 percent in views each week since its debut April 30th. The plays on this video are averaging of about 5.5 million a week. The success of the video may be contributed to the fact that both girls debuted it live on the Music awards. Surrounded by Vegas glam and Glitz the girls take the stage and rock the half-rap-half lyrical Pretty Girl single for the audience.

Azalea’s participation for this project did not stop at just singing and coordinating the alien abduction costumes but she also had a hand in directing the video. She spent some time exercising her directing skills. Azalea had her costume designer make all the form fitted alien outfits to specifically fit her unique shape. The two came together and despite her youth, Azalea brought the 80’s back to life. Iggy Azalea may be new to the scene but with all her hits and proven talent this young rapper/singer is here to stay.

By Sherry Raymond

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