iHeartRadio Country Festival Is Just the First Cousin

iHeartRadio Country Festival

The evening of Wednesday, May 27th, rings in the start of the 2015 iHeartRadio Country Festival. The iHeartRadio Country Festival is held in Austin this year is not to be confused with the iHeartRadio Music Festival, which was held in Las Vegas. The anticipation over the large concert is justified, as some of the biggest artists in country have been announced to perform this year. Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, and Rascal Flatts are just a few of the big names that are promised. These artists are so huge that they are famous not only amongst fans of country music, but they have been featured on pop radio stations as well. Notably, Taylor Swift came up as a country music artist but has not been spotted on the 2015 lineup list to perform at the country festival. She did, however, perform at the Las Vegas Festival in 2014, since her music has became increasingly famous amongst pop stations. However, if iHeartRadio hosts a country concert, and a festival that features the biggest names in music, what else is there in store?

iHeartRadio itself is an application that can be accessed through the internet, and can be downloaded onto phones and tablets. Similar to Pandora, the application offers various genres of music and different artists and songs that can be picked to start a custom radio station. The company behind it is iHeart Media Inc. It turns out that iHeart Radio also hosts various other channels of entertainment along with the iHeartRadio Country Festival, such as the iHeartRadio Music Awards that took place in Los Angeles in 2014. There are even media selections such as iHeartRadio Talk, and iHeartRadio Comedy.

iHeart Media has released so many entertainment options, which begs the question, “What is next?” Will there be another genre specific festival like the iHeartRadio Country Festival?

Although there are already numerous concerts, festivals, and tours to cover several genres of music and entertainment, will iHeart Media release any more fun? Country music has been represented through the Country Music Awards and the iHeartRadio Country Festival. The door is now open for other genres of music to have celebrations in their name.Although there is already a Vans Warped Tour for pop, punk, and rock genres of music, there are countless options remaining for iHeart Media to expand itself. iHeartRadio Comedy can take its show on the road, or hold cultural music festivals as well. Due to iHeart Media having so many genre options and entertainment channels under its belt, it has the capability to host more festivals all over the country, and perhaps even the globe. The people who do not bother with attending the current music festivals have alternative preferences, and iHeart Media has the chance to cater to these preferences.

The trick here is to understand that although there are numerous interests that diversify entertainment taste, it is possible to cater to these tastes while keeping the market profitable. It is being done with the iHeartRadio Country festival, and it can be done with other genres of music. The large iHeart Radio Music Festival that took place in Las Vegas in 2014 was arrayed with the most popular artists that were current on the radio, so the turn-out was expected to be large, and the infrastructure had to cater to the popular attendance. Although groups get smaller as they diversify, there is still a demand from people to be entertained by the things that fit their taste. iHeart Media can access its alternative artists for these diverse groups. For example, the iHeart Radio application offers Indian music options, and listeners in the United States select them. If iHeart Media connected with artists from India to hold a festival in a state that holds a large population of Indian music lovers, the company could make a good profit and provide excellent entertainment. The infrastructure and advertisement would have to cater only to the population interested in that genre of music. Even if there is a smaller turn-out for festivals and concerts that cater to more specific tastes, the infrastructure would have to cater only to that smaller size, so profits can remain steady.

As the iHeart Media group diversifies to provide entertainment, country music lovers benefit from getting the chance to listen in on their favorite artists performing at the festival. Although country music is its own specific genre of music, it is still expected that the iHeartRadio Country Festival will have a large number of attendees and listeners on the radio.

By Tania Dawood


iHeart Radio- Welcome to iHeart Radio

Rolling Stone- Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley Lead 2015 iHeartRadio Country Festival Lineup

NBC- iHeartRadio Country Festival

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