Kanye West Delaying a Kim Kardashian Pregnancy With New Album Plans?


Kanye West is set to release his forthcoming studio album, SWISH, later this year, suggesting that plans to have another baby with wife Kim Kardashian have been put on hold. It has been reported that West took a break from music in 2014 to focus simply on family life and other business endeavors. During this time, Kardashian and West had also hoped to conceive their second child, but doctors have revealed that their chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer, because the reality star is producing fewer eggs.

Taking a one-year hiatus from music can be considered quite a long time, especially for a popular rapper like West. This would explain why the Grammy-award-winning artist is so eager to put out a new record. Sources reveal that West’s focus for the remainder of the year is his album, hinting that baby plans have been put in the background.

Kardashian fans do not see this as being a bad idea, knowing that if the socialite was to suddenly fall pregnant in the following weeks, West would not be there to support her. This is evident just by acknowledging the 37-year-old’s absence during crucial moments when Kardashian was pregnant with their daughter, North West.

It was heavily documented on the Kardashian reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, that West was barely ever there to show his wife support as she dealt with several health issues during her first pregnancy. One episode saw the reality star suffering from a stomach ache that constantly brought her to tears, yet her husband was nowhere in sight, due to his commitments in finishing his Yeezus album in time for its 2013 release.

The record, which was mainly recorded in France, would cause quite a divide between the two, as one spent most of their time in Europe while the other was in Los Angeles. “Kim has to fly there if she wants to see him,” a source told InTouch at the time. “[Kim]’s incredibly stressed and has even started to wonder if Kanye’s cheating.”

According to reports, the New Slaves hitmaker is prepping a world tour with Bajan-songstress Rihanna in support of their new studio albums, which are both set to be unveiled later this year. As this will be a combined concert, the tour can easily last up to a year due to its high demand, meaning West will be on the road for a considerable amount of time.

Given the fact that West is an artist and solely focuses on his music when he readies up a new project for his fans, Kardashian could possibly be better off waiting until the tour wraps before she decides on when she wants to have another child. No heavily-pregnant woman wants their husband to leave for weeks at a time, only to then learn they have to leave again for another commitment they are involved in.

On the other hand, with doctors notifying her that her chances of conceiving are relatively harder the longer she waits, Kardashian may end up settling for IVF treatments this time next year. The 33-year-old has already suggested that her sister Kourtney Kardashian could be the surrogate of baby number two should she still struggle with conceiving whenever she decides to move forward with baby plans.

West is expected to release an official statement for the release of his forthcoming album, along with world tour dates, in the following weeks. Of course, that is unless Kardashian beats him to it with a surprise announcement that she is expecting their second child. It definitely would not be shocking to then learn that Kardashian’s “shocking” pregnancy revelation had been filmed for her E! reality show.

By Maurice Cassidy


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