Kanye West’s Rumored TV Show Could Potentially Be Amazing


On May 5, news broke detailing of a rumored TV show for the infamous Kanye West. The 37-year-old is said to be in talks with VICE, who are involved in getting the A&E network in talks to produce this impending series; if it goes through, it could potentially be one of the most amazing things to hit mainstream television in a long time.

The budding television station is slated to kick off for real in either late 2015 or early 2016, having secured enough financing to start its own channel; various TV shows are said to be in the works at this time, most of them including celebrities. Indeed, Juno actress Ellen Page is reportedly involved in a travel show entitled Gaycation.

The docu-series in question, as it would be categorized, could reportedly be titled The Imperfect Life of Kanye West. The director is the legendary Spike Jonze, with whom Yeezy already has a history, as the man directed three of the singer’s most infamous videos (Only One, Otis, and Flashing Lights). Jonze details the program as a show that will give viewers insight into the mind of Kanye, through various media footage as well as animated production.

Although various sources have hinted that the show may actually be a thing (The New York Times, and MTV to name a few), West’s publicist has denied such creative works are happening. When the topic was brought up for discussion, they flat-out said that there was no show in the works nor any time frame in which there would be one, but acknowledged the professional relationship between the two. Should the rumored television series turn out to be true, however, there are many reasons why it would potentially turn out to be amazing.

West is an absolute legend in the entertainment industry, both in regards to his musical career and the reputation he has fashioned for himself over the years. He is known all over the world at this point, for such infamous hits as the aforementioned Only, as well as classics like Gold Digger and Jesus Walks. The man’s personality precedes him, having gotten into a number of altercations with paparazzi and the like (Yeezy is not a fan of people getting into his personal space and does not react too kindly to it) and in terms of being incredibly outspoken regarding his feelings on his own level of genius.

West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian has labelled the two as the most unstoppable power couple in the world, given that Kardashian has a record-breaking following of her own. Indeed, her own reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been a hit on the E! network since it’s premiere in 2007, and has produced several spinoffs. Given that she would no doubt be involved in the filming of the series due to the pair’s relationship, this would boost interest in the idea and undeniably lead to stellar ratings due to the public wanting to get a more intimate look into their already highly publicized pairing.

Kanye West himself has not yet confirmed nor denied the rumors that he may soon be getting his own show on the impending VICE television station. Should the alleged plans go through, however, it will no doubt have the potential to be extremely amazing and as legendary as the man himself.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace




Photo by rodrigoferrari – Creativecommons Flickr License

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