Kim Kardashian and 9 Reasons Why She Is an Exhibitionist

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West claim they are closer than ever, however Kim is showing more cleavage, more often and Kanye is tweeting the sexy pictures. Hollywood Life is wondering if Kim is making too many changes to keep Kanye happy. The magazine interviewed Dr. Phil Denbo about why 34-year-old Kanye enjoys 31-year-old Kim’s exhibitionism. Ultimately, this report will highlight 9 reasons why Kim Kardashian is an exhibitionist.

Reason 1: Kanye’s Interest

Dr. Denbo says Kanye has been an exhibitionist for a lengthy period of time. He is also well-known for doing what he wants for self-exposure. One reason for Kim Kardashian’s exhibitionism is Kanye wants Kim to be an exhibitionist, so he will be noticed on Twitter.

It is not surprising, as Kanye bragged about leaked naked pictures of himself. Now, Hollywood Life is concerned that rapper Kanye West may be using the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, for his own gain.

Reason 2: Kardashian Can  be an Exhibitionist Because She is Comfortable with Her Body

Dr. Denbo says that Kim is comfortable in her own skin, lending to a second reason why Kardashian is an exhibitionist. Exhibitionism comes more naturally to the Reality TV star. She does seem to enjoy being the center of attention. Dr. Denbo, believes that exhibitionism and Kim were perhaps made for each other.

Reason 3: Exhibitionism Requires a Great Artist Before a Great Canvas

The third reason for her exhibitionism is that Kim appreciates true artists and Jean-Paul Goude is obviously one of them. Goude is a French illustrator and photographer. One of the photographs Goude took of Kardashian’s naked back, dates back to a photograph he took of Carolina Beaumont in 1976, titled, The Champagne Incident. The pictures make a statement, as the women are holding an exploding champagne bottle in their hands while it shoots into the glass on their well-endowed back-sides. An historical picture with a comment about racism.

Reason 4: Exhibitionism is an Art

Kim considered the photo shoot with Jean-Paul Goude as an art project that she was honored to participate in with her body. She wanted to do something that would make her feel good about herself. As far as being a role model, she explained that she is not suggesting that anyone else should pose nude for a magazine, but for her, it was an art project and she learned to do what she wants to do.

Reason 5: Exhibitionism Makes Kardashian Feel Good

The fifth reason is that she needed a confidence booster. Showing off her body in nude pictures looking amazing not long after having given birth, truly boosted her confidence. She says that she is not one to preach, but after the photo shoot, she felt positive and good about herself. She loves the photographs that she had taken for herself, and hopes that others like them as well.

No one knew that Kim Kardashian was in need of any sort of confidence booster, but it proves that regardless of who the person is on the outside, the person on the inside could be dealing with confidence issues. Other people have had boudoir-style pictures taken to boost their confidence and they have said it helped them too. However, the difference is, their photos were not out for public viewing.

Reason 6: Kim Kardashian is an Exhibitionist Reality Star

There is a possibility that people need to change how they think about Kim Kardashian. The sixth reason is that Kim “plays” an exhibitionist reality star on TV, who has a need to be the center of attention and will do what it takes to be in the limelight. In reality, writer Claudya Martinez, for Que Mas, believes that instead of looking at Kim Kardashian the ‘character’ on TV, she should look at Kim the whole person.

Reason 7: Exhibitionism is Part of Kardashian’s Livelihood

Kim is an artist whose true media is her body and her life. The seventh reason being an exhibitionist is a part of Kim Kardashian’s livelihood. Martinez admitted that she is biased and judges Kim differently, than she would a model. If any regular model had done the same photo shoot, she would not have thought twice, because that is what models do. She also would not have been concerned about if the model was a mom and how the child would react to seeing nude pictures of her mother, because that is what models do.

Martinez did worry about Kim Kardashian’s child. She was concerned with how the nude photo shoot would affect North West, but not as much now that she has a better understanding. Children are receptive and smart, all Kim will have to do is explain to North her reasons for doing the photo shoot and all will be fine.

Reason 8: Kardashian is an Exhibitionist Because Now that is What People Want to See

Kim Kardashian has done another nude photo shoot. Since the first time she shot nude photographs with Jean-Paul Goude, nobody wants to take pictures of her with her clothes on, which is the eighth reason for Kim’s exhibitionism. She has developed such a reputation for herself that it is now expected of her. In her latest nude photo shoot, to help keep her more modest, body paint was used, however, there was not enough paint to hide her well-sized breasts and even less paint to cover her booty.

Reason 9: Kim’s Freedom with Exhibitionism Reminds Others She is not Intimidated

She has even stripped on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The episode was focused around the theme of feeling “intimidated” by the fame and all the Kardashian Clan deals with on a daily basis. Kim’s number 9 reason for being an exhibitionist, is that she decided to prove that she was not intimidated, by doing what she does best.

By Jeanette Smith


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