‘The Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe Sex With Contestant

The BacheloretteKaitlyn Bristowe has been named the new Bachelorette. The choices game down to “call for a good time” party girl, Kaitlyn Bristowe and wholesome husband-seeking, Britt Nilsson. 25 guys voted on who would be the new Bachelorette and Bristowe came out the winner.  At the end of The Bachelorette’s season premiere, several clips of future drama and events were shown. The clips included celebrity appearances, canoe dates and even sumo wrestling. The promos for the new season also discloses that Bristowe has sex with one of the contestants on The Bachelorette. The ABC reality television show exhibits Bristowe crying and being berated by some of the contestants.

Bristowe told Entertainment Tonight that she was not ashamed of her choices, nor should she be ashamed. She commented that it is not out of the ordinary to have sex with a man if you want to be in a relationship with him. She said that she is 30 years old and is capable of making her own choices. She believes that intimacy is part of the connection in every relationship. Bristowe concluded that it is 2015 people should not be so surprised. When asked what her feelings were concerning The Bachelorette, Bristowe believed that she may have gambled relationships with other men she cared for, however, it could have also occurred in the Fantasy Suite.

Both of the bachelor shows always have had their sex issues, but the previews and current discussions about Bristowe’s behavior, turned tramp-shamed after The Bachelorette aired Tuesday, May 19. In the Season 11 promo, Bristowe says she believes she has made a huge snafu, sleeping with a contestant, it seems that what she really regrets is the timing of the sexual hook up as other relationships were also developing. She does not regret the sexual act itself. Sex is a natural part of dating.

Sex is less common on The Bachelorette than it is on The Bachelor, so it is suddenly a big issue. Bristowe admitted she had sex after it happened and told the other contestants on the show, because they had the right to know. Physical attraction and intimacy are all elements of a relationship. The show includes three back-to-back Fantasy Suite overnight dates. Audiences assume what goes on when the lights go out in the Fantasy Suite if it is not caught on camera.

This is also not the first time a couple has had sex outside of the Fantasy Suite. Ben and Courtney hooked up in the ocean on The Bachelor, as do Juan Pablo and Clare. On The Bachelor Bob Guiney boasts at least five sexual partners on the show. The host of The Bachelor admits 67 percent of couples hook up on the show. However, nothing is said about the men, but audiences shame the women for having sex on the show.

When Andi Dorfman was on The Bachelorette, she received the same treatment that Bristowe is experiencing now. Dorfman was tramp-shamed after her night in the Fantasy Suite with Nick Viall. Dorfman would not stand for the treatment she received.

Producers are concerned, or hoping, that the many nude photographs of Bristowe floating around the internet may surface this season. Close friends of Bristowe have made claims that Bristowe likes to show off her assets for the camera. That could become a ratings booster or public nightmare for the producers of The Bachelorette. Although Britt Nilsson may have been better Bachelorette material, bad girl Bristowe will bring in better ratings for ABC.

By Jeanette Smith

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