Kim Kardashian Inspired by Famous Icon Marilyn Monroe


Kim Kardashian seemed to be inspired by the famous icon Marilyn Monroe in her recent photo shoot for Vogue Brazil. MSN Entertainment stated that Kim put on a platinum blonde wig in an effort to channel Monroe and the photo shoot was extremely sexy. The goal of the reality star was to imitate Monroe’s classic sultry style as well as the attitude the actress was known for displaying during her own photo shoots of the past. The article said that Kardashian turned on the sex appeal by displaying her curves.

Vogue Brazil stated on Instagram that the intention had always been to have Kardashian wear a blonde wig for the shoot. The magazine had always planned for the star to channel Monroe for the photo shoot and to gain inspiration from the 1950’s bombshell. The star came to the shoot with her hair bleached anyway, which is how she had been wearing it at the time, so wearing a blonde wig was not too much of an extreme according to the article. Kardashian

The star was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth in March and the photos and complimentary article will be featured in the June issue of Vogue Brazil. In the article, the actress tackles the subject of whether or not she has any talent. The star challenges others whether they are fans or not to try to do what she does before they judge her. She added that if people try to do everything she has done, they will be able to tell whether she has talent or not.

This issue of the magazine is dedicated to the body and Kardashian is on the cover. MSN Entertainment pointed out how she is not a stranger to posing nude and displays complete confidence in the shoot. The mom of one appeared to be comfortable in her own skin and had no issues with posing topless. The article also said that the star’s husband, Kanye West, was present at the photo shoot.

The photo shoot and article show that Kardashian obviously is inspired by Monroe in some way. They also show that actresses of years ago still have an impact on style and class and have the power to influence the stars of today in a powerful way. Monroe was definitely a sex symbol during her career and her attitude, talent, beauty, and style are what made her a true star. She was the type of star who will probably never be forgotten. She continues to inspire even so many years after her death, which shows the power of her star quality. It is a compliment to Monroe that Kardashian decided to channel her and who better to imitate than Monroe, a true star and major influence during her time and even beyond.

Was the actress able to do Monroe justice in the photo shoot? She is a star and definitely influential in her own way. She is a curvaceous bombshell who is considered a major sex symbol in her own way, but Monroe’s shoes are hard to fill. Kardashian, even with her own version of style and beauty, will never be able to fully capture the star quality that Monroe had. Monroe can be imitated and has been numerous times over the years, but there was just something about her that no one will ever be able to compare to. There are many beautiful and talented stars in today’s world, but Monroe just had a unique quality that made her stand out. She had a mixture of vulnerability, innocence, and sexiness that made her appealing and pulled people in. She was a true icon and a beauty that many have tried to compare to but ultimately she just had star quality and appeal that no one will ever be able to live up to.

Kardashian’s photo shoot was extremely sexy and it was clear that Monroe had inspired her. She had planned along with the team at Vogue Brazil to pay homage to the legendary star and they did just that. While Kardashian may never be able to fully live up to Monroe and her huge image and star quality, the fact that she was influenced and inspired by Monroe shows the power of Monroe’s talent and screen persona.

By Heather Granruth


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