Taylor Swift Is an Extraordinary Role Model for Young Adults and Teens


Taylor Swift has always been known for her unbeatable character. As the pop idol places number one on the billboard this week, she has saved teenage girls lives, and talked about the love she has for herself and others. Swift can not be stopped whether she is putting out hit records, or changing, and saving the world with Style. That is why she is an extraordinary role model for both, young adults and teens.

For the pop star’s 1989 tour she created bracelets for her fans that would actually light up in order to create a unique visual effect. Little did the 25-year-old know that the bracelets she made for her fans are also capable of saving lives. Three teens were following Swifts concert Friday, May 22 in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, and ended up under a pole after the driver accidentally fell asleep while driving. It was during the middle of the night, and the car could not be seen from the road. Thus the driver of the vehicle, Elizabeth Dazzio, her sister Caroline, and her friend Emma were stuck in a ditch seemingly unable to escape a totally wrecked care for more than two hours.

The girls cellphones were dead, and the driver, Dazzio, was unconscious. Caroline and Emma tried to think of a way to get help from someone passing by when suddenly the lights connected to the concert bracelets flashed. Once the girls realized the immediate utility of having these flashing lights they began to wave them outside their windows. In no time, a woman pulled over to see what the flickering lights meant. Upon realizing the girls had been in a terrible car accident, the women then called 911.

The girls were soon rushed to a nearby hospital, and according to reports they healed quickly from minor injuries. Later, the woman told sources that she probably would not have stopped it is had not been for Swifts cleverly styled bracelets. The reports of the incident came from sources that received details of the story from the driver’s friend who explained the accident on a blog post, which appeared on Swift’s website.

In response to the life saving bracelets, the Out of the Woods singer shared via Twitter, how she was quite happy that the light-up bracelets helped saved the girls lives, and could not believe how real it was.

While the songstress was yet still a bit overwhelmed by the terrible accident, and happy that her idea saved lives she took time away from her busy concert schedule to talk with Scott Evans of Access Hollywood.  In the interview, Swift talked about how she is not following the super sexy trends many pop stars often imitate. Swift told Evans that she was pleased with her image. Though being overtly sexy is the big seller among pop stars,  Swift has deliberately decided to be a different role model for young adults and teens.

Swift explained during the interview that she does not feel threatened by the new sexy trend pop stars are imitating because she feels that being an artist means one should accept the responsibility to naturally share their gift with others. She also stated that she would not want to change just to fit a trend, or to please a record label. Swift believes that by being her natural self, allows her to communicate with people her age and younger about things that they are going through, especially those trying to work out their insecurities.

Swift’s current number one hit single on the top 100 billboard charts talks about her beliefs. Bad Blood, featuring Kendrick Lamar, is about having weaknesses, and how she had to overcome many throughout her career. The single is 53-1 on this week’s charts, and its video is viewed on Vevo’s 24-hour viewing site. It is leaping off the Digital Songs chart holding the number 31 spot on the Radio. Bad Blood is the pop star’s third single off of her 1989 album, her other singles off the album continue to find success across the billboard charts.

As Swift’s music continues topple the charts, she now knows she can save and influence lives, while being an extraordinary role model for young adults and teens.

By Krystle Mitchell


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Photo Courtesy of Tom O’ Donoghue’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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