Kim Kardashian Visits the Armenian Genocide Memorial, but Why?


Kim Kardashian visited the Armenian genocide memorial with Kanye in toe on Friday, April 24, in the nation’s capital of Yerevan. But while most would expect the journey to be one of sincerity and heart break there have been some concerns from the internet, including Last Week Tonight host John Oliver  as to whether or not the intentions of the party were of mourning or attention seeking.

Reports of the event describe the venture as “emotional,” but when photos of the famous family are analyzed one can’t help but notice the dazed and bored expressions of both Kim and Kanye. This coupled with the confirmation that the outing will be featured on an upcoming season of the hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians leaves little doubt as to the true purpose of the trip.

So why did Kim Kardashian visit the Armenian genocide memorial? Controversy surrounding the genocide and the Turkish government’s continued stance that it was an event undeserving of the term genocide have continued to keep it fresh in the public eye. United States governmental officials have also avoided the use of the term genocide, weary of the pivotal role Turkey’s alliance plays in US foreign policy.

Celebrities publicly visiting sights of tragedy for exposure is nothing new and the Kardashians newest attempt is just a reflection of how Middle Eastern controversy is hot news right now. There might have been sad feelings involved, and the Armenian massacre was a tragedy, but the reason why Kim Kardashian visited the Armenian genocide memorial is clear.

By Q Rose



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