Nepal Is Devastated by Another Earthquake

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On April 25th a devastating earthquake having a magnitude of 7.8 struck Nepal. Destroying thousands of buildings and flattening mountain villages was not the worst of it. The horrifying earthquake killed upwards of 8,000 people and injured 1,117. A few weeks later, on Tuesday, May 12, the people faced another horrific earthquake. It had a magnitude of 7.3 , and was near Kodari, killing at least 48 Nepalese and injuring 1,000. Additionally, at least 17 people in India have lost their lives.

A group of 9 people who volunteered from the Delaware Medical Relief Team were present in Nepal this week. They came to help out the citizens by offering them supplies and medical equipment. The team of doctors, nurses, logistic experts and physician’s do not plan on leaving the area until they have completed their mission. Salvaging the wreckage and assisting with the damage that occurred during this tragedy is the primary team’s mission.

The people of Nepal and India are still very fearful of encountering another earthquake, but are currently trying to salvage what they have lost so that they can continue on with their lives.

By Ginger Orner


USA Today