Kylie Jenner Has Her Father’s Lips

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Only in America can it be said, that in regards to Kylie Jenner’s newly plumped pout – she has her father’s lips. Her father, one-time Olympic Decathlete, Bruce Jenner, has recently announced that he is in transition from being a man to being a woman. His daughter, who has admitted to receiving plastic surgically injected lip fillers, is only 17 years of age.

The young Jenner has often raised eyebrows, (without the aid of a surgeon’s scalpel) for her provocative behavior, as well as her dress and appearance that is “overly mature” in nature. However, many medical experts are calling this procedure a “cut above” previous examples.

Parental Consent Laws for Underage Patients

The state of California legally requires parental permission for any surgical procedure, including cosmetic surgery like insertion of lip fillers, liposuction, or collagen injection. Unless a minor has been emancipated, he or she may not make decisions concerning surgery without guardian approval. Furthermore, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that it is in the best interests of juvenile patients to receive parental direction and support for image or identity-related cosmetic alteration. Of course, any surgical procedure comes with a risk of complication. The presence of a parent or responsible adult makes sense for any type of surgical procedure.  At this point, neither of Jenner’s parents have admitted to consent.

Jenner’s Lips Have Been Sealedjenner

While she has now admitted to the procedure, her lips have previously been sealed about her pumped-up pucker. As a matter of fact, fans of Jenner have resorted to attempting the #KylieJennerChallenge for their lip pumps, much to their own painful demise. The viral trend of these last few weeks has been placing a shot glass over the lips and sucking until the lips are bruised, but swollen. Although it is one way to plump your lips, doctors remind these troublesome teens that it is not permanent or a healthy procedure. Jenner tweeted in response that she was not encouraging young girls to “look like her,” but rather to be themselves. She encouraged fans to experiment with themselves. Sadly, not all teens have a personal plastic surgeon on retainer, and not all teenage girls like Jenner, have their father’s lips.

Jenner’s Family Plays Along With Lip Service

So far, the Kardashian “Klan” has played along with the lip service narrative. Older sis, Kim, touted her lip liner skills and paid the ultimate compliment of “what liner do you wear.” Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, Scott Disick, proclaimed the little sister’s 40-minute application in one episode. Even young Jenner herself, touted her knowledge of all things make-up, contouring and lining. She said,

“I’m not against surgery. I’d never say no, but I don’t desire it right now.”

Pouty Pledge of Guilt

Jenner comes “klean” on the lip fillers in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She lamented on the judgment that everyone heaps on her in these sensitive matters. Confused with the actual definition of honesty, she says she might tiptoe around the truth, but never lies. She claims that having to live with normal human-sized lips is difficult and she feels significant insecurity about it.

The Skinny On The Fat Lip

For the inquiring mind that must know, a lip-filler procedure can cost from $550 to $850 and the injections can be completed within a few minutes in the doctor’s office. The effects typically last six to eight months. If Jenner’s parents did indeed sign off on the procedure, as is required by law, they are certainly not alone in this surgical leniency. Over 100,000 teens, from the age of 13 through 17, underwent cosmetic surgery last year alone. This demographic makes up about two percent of all cosmetic procedures. Doctors caution that plastic surgery often does more to the mind, than the body for a teenage patient – not always for the good. While it might correct an imperfection on the outside, it does not alter a faulty self-perception on the inside.

Much like her parents and sisters, the teen-aged daughter has also developed a passion for cosmetic procedures. It is telling that in regards to her full, feminine pout, it is Hollywood-worthy that Jenner has her father’s lips.

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