Manny Pacquiao Loses to Floyd Mayweather

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On Saturday night Manny Pacquiao lost to Floyd Mayweather after 12 rounds. The loss came by decision after both boxers fought defensively for the full 12 rounds and seemed content to let the fight be settled by decision. The fight was one of the most hyped sporting events in recent memory and their is no way possible the lackluster result of the fight met anyone’s expectations.

Watching the pay-per-view event fans would have thought that they were being treated to one of the most monumental fights in human history. The essentially hour long commercial before the start of the main event let people know not just where both fighters came from but why this was to be a fight to be remembered. Sadly the fight will most likely be remembered for being the last nail in the coffin to cover professional boxing’s bloated corpse.

Following the loss to Mayweather, Pacquiao’s first words to the ringside reporter was “I thought I won.” Pacquiao may have been the only person that could have thought that to be true. Anyone watching the fight could clearly see that Mayweather had the fight well in hand after the eight round. Mayweather’s defensive fighting style and precision punches sealed Pacquiao’s fate without landing any real deciding blows.

It is unfortunate that the two fighters will not meet again for a rematch, Mayweather is looking forward to retiring after his 49 professional match in September. If Mayweather wins his next bout he will tie Rocky Marciano as the only boxer to retire with 49 wins and zero losses. Mayweather will likely win his next fight the same way that he won this last one against Pacquiao by fighting defensively and throwing the occasional right hook.

Their was no possible way that this fight would have lived up to the hype that has been created. The hype was started six years ago and steadily grew every year until the fight was official. Mayweather has admitted to pushing back the idea of the fight until the purse was raised. Six years ago the fight would have been a 50 million dollar bout but after years of speculation and a shallow talent pool the purse soared up to well over 100 million.

The crowd of spectator was quite the whos-who of Hollywood actors and professional sports stars. Tom Brady was one athlete that was in attendance as well as Magic Johnson, and Charles Barkley. All three gave their opinions on the fight before the main event. Mike Tyson was also in attendance and it would have been very interesting to hear what was on Iron Mike’s mind. On the walk to the ring Pacquiao was joined by Jimmy Kimmel and Mayweather was joined not only by Justin Beiber but by the mascot of Burger King.

This huge spectacle will likely show that large sporting events such as this rarely live up to the hype. The only way that this fight could have possibly met expectations would have been Pacquiao beating Mayweather and snapping his winning streak. Mayweather is not a very popular boxer and even though most boxing experts expected him to win the fight, most people rallied behind the popular Pacquiao. Even during the match you could hear the crowd chanting Pacquiao’s name right up until the end.

Only time will tell where the two fighters will be in a few years time. It looks as though after Pacqious loss to Mayweather, he will take a little time to clear his head and go on a little vacation, as he said during the post fight interview. Mayweather will begin training for his September bout and people everywhere will slowly forget that boxing was a sport.

Opinion By James Dixson


New York Times

Photo By: TheDailySportsHerald – Creativecommons Flickr License