South Africa Ruthless Murders Do Not Stop

South Africa

The ruthless murders happening in and around South Africa do not stop; everyday people are killed in a cold-hearted, unemotional manner. Today a woman was savagely raped and killed on the East Rand along with two men. The police reported that two of the suspects were apprehended, and the search for the other missing two would continue.

Reports described the murder of a Northern Cape Nurse in the Upington area as a satanic ritual. On Wednesday, Katrina Jagers aged 50 was brutally murdered by her attacker in a parking lot. The attacker has been dubbed the Gordonia butcher. A witness described the gruesome murder and said the attacker, while shouting out blasphemous remarks, chased the victim who was trying to run away. The attacker had a knife, ripped open Jagers stomach and pulled out the intestines. The attacker used the blood of the victim to write the number “35” on a flat door.

In KwaZulu-Natal, on April 30, eight males attacked a father and son, who were both stabbed in the face and head with broken bottles. The attackers fled in a car, and a police search is underway.

During the month of April, a Cape Town woman was found hacked to death by her grandson who had to gain entry through a window of her home. Reports indicate that the body of Sandra Malcolm a 74-year-old British ex-pat had been mutilated. The police have yet to confirm the details. In the same week as this senseless murder, a Dr. Meyer and his caregiver were tortured with a homemade weapon, a fence dropper full of nails on a farm near the Vaal water area. The attackers tied up the men who were left for dead. The police have arrested three men in connection with this incident.

In South Africa, there are daily reports of ruthless murders, and it would seem that the public are becoming accustomed to reading about the cruel, insensitive torture, attackers use on victims. Will the murders ever stop, and does the government give a damn? It would appear that the daily horrific deaths occurring throughout the land is a result of South Africa becoming a lawless country.

Do these attackers hunger for freedom or do they hunger for rape and blood? Thousands of people died in conflicting tribal wars during the 1980’s. A parallel between those and the current wave of ruthless murders, including the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa are striking. The horrendous “necklace” ritual of placing a burning tire around the victims’ neck or the brandishing of cultural weapons used to slash a victim in a ghastly manner.

South Africa is 21 years into a democratic country, and there are still people living in hostels. Hostels were the staging ground for the late apartheid tribalism. Perhaps the mutilating killings of the past have never stopped. Perhaps the barbaric manner used to kill people is an inherited cultural occurrence. On Mar 15, 1961 a group of terrorists from a communist camp across the Congo Republic massacred more than five hundred black and white people, including men, women and children in Angola. The living victims were bound to planks and passed through a sawmill. Four months after this obscenity, the leaders were interviewed in New York by M. Pierre de Vos of a leading Paris newspaper. De Vos confirmed that there was sufficient proof of the massacre and when asked about the sawmill killings, one of the leaders with a broad smile said the victims were sawed lengthwise.

The torture, maiming, and killing of victims is nothing new. The massacres have been happening for centuries across Africa. The attackers never appear to show remorse for the gruesome crimes. Is the mind of a criminal similar to that of a dictator? Dictators remain defiant until their last breath, and never accept any wrongdoing, neither offering an apology even when execution is imminent. Although the death penalty has been abolished in South Africa, bringing it back would not solve the problem. South Africa as a country should be honest enough to challenge the root causes of crime.

Opinion By Laura Oneale

South Africa Today
Daily Mail
News 24
Photo by Frerleke – Creativecommons Flickr License

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  2. Jason   May 3, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Barbaric slime. And we call them humans? I say take the women and children out of the continent and let the males destroy each other until there are none left. These vermin are worse than trash. Just wish we didn’t have them in my country.


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