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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation three-day Build Conference 2015 has concluded and developers went home with so much from the big meeting – Windows 10 offering billions of opportunities, Microsoft Edge browser features, revelation of Band SDK and HoloLens with its magic. April 29 to May 1 in San Francisco overwhelmed the developers with excitement.

On the first day, CEO Satya Nadella of Microsoft Corporation enjoined the audience to create more intelligent experiences so that people will be empowered to achieve more. The upcoming platform, Windows 10 introduced more ways for developers to reach out to billions of Office users, as well as the expansion of Office Graph API for the Outlook and iPad.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser of Windows 10. Formerly called Project Spartan, Edge provides developers with features, such as, writing directly on Webpages, share or save them to OneNote and read articles without distraction.

The future was presented by Microsoft Corporation with videos and onstage demos that illustrate the capabilities of HoloLens, as it shapes and designs holograms. As per The Verge, HoloLens is like a very high-quality and brightest projector in the world, except that, instead of projecting onto the wall, it projects onto the eyes. Debuted in January, Microsoft gave a demo on how far it has come. The HoloLens is one of technology’s most exciting innovations. With it, users will have a new tool for creativity, more ways to visualize their work, and more effective ways to teach and to learn.

VP Developer Experience and Evangelism Steve Guggenheimer wrote on the Microsoft Blog that it will be easier than ever to search for apps, videos, games and other content from the Windows Store. Windows 10 customers will have a unified experience across devices with apps. The momentum of Windows 10 is building up with new apps from Fitbit and Shazam, for instance.

Muzik kicked off day 2 with an awesome drumming demo. It has Bluetooth drumsticks of low latency so that musicians “air” drum with spatial awareness. Propellerhead Software shared that they built a music collaboration app that will work on Windows, as well as on iOS and Android.

Another Microsoft Corporation Build Conference 2015 highlight was the announcement that Microsoft Band SDK is already out, and it supports iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. With it, developers can make third-party tiles with text, barcodes, icons and buttons. Meanwhile, Ziosk presented a new tablet tech available at Chili’s.

May 1 had Build 2015 wrapped up, but it continues into May and June in a tour to more than 20 cities worldwide. Likewise, the tour will go into Windows 10 for web and app developers in coding sessions. Build will be in London and New York on May 18, Atlanta (May 20), Brazil (May 21), Berlin (May 22), Mexico City (May 27), Singapore (May 28), Austin (May 29) and Auckland (May 30).

Microsoft Corporation Build Conference 2015 highlights will continue in June as well. On June 1, it will be in Sydney, Seoul and Paris. Other cities on its tour schedule are Shanghai and Amsterdam (June 3), Beijing and Prague (June 5), Mumbai (June 8), Chicago, Milan and Bangalore (June 10), Johannesburg and Toronto (June 12) and Los Angeles (June 15).

By Judith Aparri

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