Floyd Mayweather Arrest Hoax Hits Internet


A hoax insinuating the arrest of Floyd “Money” Mayweather back at the end of 2014 is making the rounds on the internet, with more than one Twitter user tweeting the story. The “news story” in question directs back to a situation that happened on December 9, relating to a murder-suicide that the 38-year-old witnessed over FaceTime.

The hoax states that the boxing champ’s people had stated “off the record” that his arrest did indeed happen; in reality, Mayweather’s camp said no such thing. It also alleges that there was such an inordinate amount of marijuana discovered at the scene of the murder-suicide that an armed guard had to stand watch while police collected the substance for evidence.

Although both hoax stories are clearly run through the same website, as the top page layout clearly dictates, the name from which the article originates is different. Also, one of the links contains a full paragraph detailing the “arrest” while one contains a single sentence before trailing off into an elipsis that aims to trick the user into clicking a kind of “read more” button that merely redirects their browser to pages having nothing to do with the story itself.

The murder-suicide in question involved a long-time friend of Mayweather’s, rapper Earl Hayes. He had reportedly been suffering from marriage troubles with wife Stephanie Moseley when he called the boxer for emotional assistance, and the Michigan native is said to have told him to take a stand and do something about it. Hayes then decided to approach his wife in the bathtub and shoot her (reports stated that he had fired the weapon between 10 and 12 times), after which time he turned the gun on himself and ended his own life. The altercation of which he and his wife were involved in was said to involve fellow rapper Trey Songz, with whom Moseley reportedly had been involved in an affair with. Although she and Hayes were attempting to work past their problems, sources say the rapper never truly got over her infidelity and the marriage had been extremely rocky ever since.

Mayweather is said to have tried to prevent his friend from what he was about to do, after Hayes informed him of his plans. His efforts went unheeded, however, and the athlete ended up witnessing the event via FaceTime as the rapper chose not to log out of the video call prior to committing the fact. Mayweather ended up being questioned as a result of the incident, but no arrest was ever made nor any kind of legal action taken against him whatsoever.

As for why this hoax has hit the internet as though it was a fresh story, this is most likely due to the overwhelming media coverage Mayweather has been getting as a result of his legendary fight against Manny Pacquiao, which took place on May 2. The undefeated champion continued his reign of success, with the score ending up at 40-8. Given how much Mayweather is currently in the limelight, those involved in the hoax were most likely counting on this story going viral and becoming something of a sensation due to his recent victory.

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