‘Modern Family’ Makes a Statement

Modern Family

Modern Family originally premiered on Sept. 23, 2009 and aired on ABC. It followed the lives of a family crazier than most, living in suburban Los Angeles. The creators came up with the idea for the show while sharing the stories of their own modern families. Modern Family became a hit overnight and made an important statement for gay marriage and family interaction.

The popular TV sitcom showed fans their view on modern family. The show’s premiere was watched by 12.6 million viewers, and a month later was picked up for a full season. The show had a surge in viewership and won six Emmys, including an Emmy Award for outstanding comedy. The success of the show led to it being the tenth-highest show in generating revenue in 2012.

The premise of the show revolves around a moderately sized household, who stick together and function as a modern family. There is an interesting family tree, which includes Jay Pritchett, the head of the family; his trophy wife Gloria from Columbia; her son, Manny; Jay’s adult son Mitchell as well as his partner Cam plus their daughter Lily from Vietnam. Then there is Claire, Jay’s stressed out and high-maintenance daughter, and her fun-loving husband Phil, who is addicted to technological gadgets, and their three children.

The show’s direct take on contemporary, modern culture, (from the viewpoint of an unusual family having 30-minute rants each week about various topics and issues) somehow get the whole family involved in solving the problem. The show promotes a modern family and their obsession with technology – cell phones, iPad, laptops and other gadgets. The creators decided to focus on how modern families function internally and less on their interaction with the outside world. It is a funny take on family, with a side of strange, but at the end of the show the viewer still feels the love. Modern Family has become a hit sitcom that makes a statement about what family is and the interaction of its members with each other.

Some of the stars of the show are fairly well-known, such as Ed O’Neill from Married With Children, Julie Bowen from Boston Legal, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, and Eric Stonestreet. The show stars a great cast and they make the show what it is today. The show is unique in the style in which it is presented, with the characters frequently talking to the camera and directly communicating with the audience.

The show has tackled many important topics, such as gay marriage and has been brave enough to show two gay men in bed together cracking jokes. The show has been on for six successful seasons and ABC has not yet decided if the show will come back in September for Season 7. Recent ratings and feedback for the show indicate that ABC would be crazy not to renew the show based on those facts. Although there are rumors that the show will most likely return in September 2015, these rumors have not yet been confirmed or denied by ABC.

Considering the show’s popularity among viewers and the successful presence of the cast, it looks like there may be at least another season in the works. The ratings are high and the last episode that aired, titled, Grill Interrupted, drew in 9.3 million viewers in the U.S. The viewers will find out later on whether another season will be available to view. There will be some anticipation waiting for confirmation on the show’s status, as the viewers will have all summer to enjoy repeats of Season 6. Modern Family has become a hit sitcom which makes a statement about family interaction and function and has even covered topics such as gay marriage freely.

By Elina Brik

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