Mother’s Day Taken Over by Hillary Clinton

Mother's Day

Hillary Clinton has somehow, someway, taken over Mother’s Day by making it all about her while coercing the public to help fund her presidential campaign in the process. On Sunday and Monday, May 3 and May 4, the Clinton camp tweeted out news of Clinton’s new five-day long contest. The aim of the contest was for one lucky mother or mother figure to receive a the gift of a phone call on Mother’s Day.

Not many people would think to put a price tag on the act of thoughtfulness and the showing of appreciation for mothers on Mother’s Day. Even though Clinton is a mother herself, it comes as no surprise that she has seen opportunity for a profit by using Mother’s Day as an excuse.

The ploys that people come up with just to get money is boundless, with the proof provided by Clinton and her Mother’s Day phone call contest. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as the public recognizes that she is not doing this contest for her own selfish wants and needs. She is not exploiting any special days out of the year, specifically set aside to honor hard-working moms around the world. The presidential candidate is all about bringing some real joy to a mother’s day by blessing them with a phone call that someone had to pay her to make.

Aside from the tweets that were sent out, Clinton’ s plan to take over Mother’s Day in order to help fund her campaign included an email to all her supporters promoting her Mother’s Day call. In the email, she mentioned that she has been a mother for 35 years and how she still, up to this very day, cannot seem to figure out how her own mother had pulled off the job of motherhood so well.

The democrat talked about the not so easy life her mother had, but how even through all the struggles and hardship her mother endured during her lifetime, she was still such a strong person who was extremely kind and never did forget all those who helped her along the way. In the closing portion of the email, she wrote about how sure she is that everyone reading the email she sent has a very similar story pertaining to their mother and how much she is interested in hearing that story so she could follow it up with a big “Thanks!”

Clinton wrapped up the letter by saying how much of an important role mothers play in the campaign. That has made mothers people who are very important to her. Translation: mothers make up large portion of voters and Clinton needs those votes, so by making this phone call look like something that is personal, special, sincere and carrying no agenda makes this situation a win-win, presumably.

Hopefully, the mother who does receive that phone call will feel like her Mother’s Day gift was amazing, because that is probably what Clinton will be thinking, as she pats herself on the back for be so generous with her time and her consideration of all mothers across the nation. For all those who do not allow Clinton to take over their mother’s Mother’s Day, that in itself could very well be the best gift a mother could receive.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley




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