Mike Huckabee, Factories Farms and Freedoms

Mike Huckabee

The former Republican Arkansas Governor and Baptist minister, Mike Huckabee announced his run for presidential candidacy, May 5. He is the sixth Republican to do so. This is Huckabee’s second run for the White House. The announcement was made from from his hometown in Hope, Arkansas.

He said he has always believed a kid can go from Hope to a higher ground. His attempt to gain the Christian conservative vote may prove difficult as there are other Republican conservatives running for the White House that came out of the starting gate sooner, and have already begun rallying the Christian conservatives. The minister knows he is going up against better funded opponents. He is aware that D.C. is dysfunctional, and getting worse, and that candidates are so concerned with filling their coffers they do not realize that one in four American families are using more than half of their incomes to pay for housing.

Huckabee said that the ‘War on Poverty,’ has not ended poverty. He does not judge the government’s success by how many people receive financial assistance, but by how many people are working good jobs and do not need government assistance.

The group, ‘Club for Growth’ has already launched a $100,000 ad buy, that attacks Huckabee in Iowa, and South Carolina, because he increased taxes when he was governor. He addressed this issue, saying he passed 94 tax cuts and was still able to rebuild roads and increase student test scores.

He knows he will not be the favorite, at least among the rich, but he is here for the working class. He said he also comes from the working class. His dad took him to meet a governor and told him this may be the only time he would get to meet a governor in person. Huckabee went on to become the 44th Governor of Arkansas and now wants to be the 45th President of the United States.

Huckabee also took to social media to share his message. He recently tweeted “I promise you that we will no longer merely try to contain jihadism. We will conquer it.”

By Jeanette Smith



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