NASA Conspiracy in Antarctica



NASA had made news this week with its release of data about the Antarctica ice shelf. According to the agency the Larson B shelf located in Antarctica is shrinking fast, more quickly than scientist previously thought. This info has caused alarm among global warming communities, with predictions of the ice shelf completely disintegrating in the next few years, causing sea levels to rice. Another study though release by the agency earlier this month seems to call into question those findings, could NASA be involved in a conspiracy when it comes to the Antarctica?

The data released in May shows that polar sea ice has actually increase by about five percent above the 1979 average. The base line for measuring ice caps is 1979, the year that satellites started to keep track.

The co-author of the latest study being question by some is Eric Rignot, a glaciologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, he said the study of the Antarctic Peninsula glaciers gives information about how ice shelves farther south that hold much more land ice will be effected by a warming climate. Rignot did not comment on whether he believes the warming is due to natural causes or to man.

Those who believe that man is the cause of global warming are known to make predictions that are apocalyptic in nature, and with help from media, and a large percentage of scientist, have most governments on board. The UN has almost 200 countries agreeing to negotiate a pact by the end of 2015 to fight global warming. Their Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that there is a 95 percent chance of warming due to man-made actions such as the burning of fossil fuels. Opponents of man-made global warming believe that the UN and federal agencies are using catastrophic events such as floods, droughts, and severe storms to further their agenda of stricter environmental regulations to bring an end the worlds industrial based economy. Opponents point to what they consider a large amount of evidence that shows that man is not responsible for the changes in the Earth’s climate. The United Kingdom’s National Whether Service know as the MET office released a report that says warming of the planet stopped 15 years ago in 1997. University of Pennsylvania Professor Dr. J. Scott Armstrong who is considered an expert in forecasting wrote: “No one has provided evidence to refute our claim that there are no scientific forecasts to support global warming.”.

With a report released by NASA this month showing that there has been improvement in the polar ice caps it has some opponents claiming that NASA is conspiring about Antarctica with global warming communities to push the UN’s agenda. NASA’s mission has been known to change based on whom is in office, with President Obama who is a supporter of government intervention when it comes to climate change many are not surprised by NASA’s latest apocalyptic prediction.

The debate about global warming and climate change will continue to rage, those who are neither alarmist or deniers and are unsure of the exact extent that man impacts the climate can only be dissuaded when data is manipulated in order to prove a theory one way or the other. The scientific community needs to have an honest debate and not shut out any who disagrees with the consensus that global warming is indeed exasperated by mankind. When opponents are silenced and ridiculed it only fuels those that believe there is a vast conspiracy between government and global warming communities to use climate change as a way to control the population and the economy. NASA has always be a favorite target of conspiracy theorist, from aliens, the moon landing, doomsday prediction, and now claims of ignoring their own observations to promote an agenda when it comes to the ice in Antarctica,  for those that have made up their minds either way it is doubtful that this latest accusation will change the minds of many.

Opinion by Jessica Hamel


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