Nick Fradiani Wins American Idol?


Tonight, May 13, is the finale of the penultimate season of the hit FOX reality television show American Idol. It has come down to competitors Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham, and it is clear that the first of these two males will win.

First, a background on the aforementioned winner-to-be: Nick Fradiani is 29 years old. As a result, this is his last year to compete in American Idol as he has hit the official age limit for those who want to try out. He is the oldest competitor to have been apart of this current season, the 14th installment of the long-running singing competition. He is from Guildford, Conneticut, and his birthday is November 15th, 1985. His parents are Nick Fradiani Sr. and Elizabeth Fradiani, and he has a sister named Kristen Fradiani.

The singer is not a newcomer to the reality television talent show process. Back in 2014, he and two other men from Connecticut competed in America’s Got Talent in the form of a band called Boyce Avenue. They did not end up winning, hence the 29-year-old making the move to American Idol in order to try his hand there.

As for why musician should win this installment of the show, he has made this reason clear over the past few months. Not only has he made his performances consistent in terms of stellar vocal ability, he has also managed to switch it up in terms of not staying in the same genre every week. Indeed, he managed to turn Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream into a wicked 90’s alt-rock version of the song, thus resulting in him sticking by his artistry but at the same time going out of his comfort zone to show that he was truly an artist. The last person to show such a talent was season seven winner David Cook, who many still regard as the best winner of the entire series, even regardless of whether they find his music preferable or not. The reason why they select him in a poll or whatnot regarding the best winner is because his ability to turn songs around to his own theme while not butchering them was nothing short of outstanding, and no one had done it before him nor did anyone after until now.

It is not that Beckham is in any way a bad singer or performer; on the contrary, he makes up one half of one of the strongest vocal competitors the series has seen in a long time. Indeed, the singer’s potential coronation song Champion, which he performed last night (May 12) had an air of royalty and success all around it to the point that it would have made viewers who hate him pick up the phone and vote. However, when it comes down to the winner (and most likely, the vote margin will be slim given how much both men are liked), it is clear that Nick Fradiani should beat Clark Beckham out for the crown and win it all. Either way, the public will find out tonight at 8/7c.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace

(Image via CT Senate Democrats – Flickr)

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