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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Separate for the Summer: Divorce Looming Ahead?


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Nicole Kidman’s marriage to Keith Urban is in trouble following reports that the two are preparing to spend the entire summer apart. Kidman unexpectedly signed on to work on a forthcoming play in London, which sources predict was down to how much fighting she and Urban have been doing in recent months.

The actress and her country singing husband have been fighting over claims that Urban may have cheated on his wife of nine years with another woman in the past. Several tabloids have gone on to claim that Kidman became so paranoid, she hired a private investigator to spy on her partner and his whereabouts. Yet, for whatever reason, the actress must have suddenly had a change of mind on how to deal with her man’s alleged infidelity scandal.

Instead of spying on Urban, Kidman has decided to ditch her husband for the entire summer, giving him the excuse that she is too busy to make time for him. According to Star magazine, their summer separation is showing clear signs that the 47-year-old is over her marriage to the American Idol judge, who is also bound to hit the road in the following weeks as part of his upcoming tour. Being apart for such a long time will give the Australian-born A-lister enough time to consider whether or not moving forward in life without her husband is the appropriate thing to do.

“Keith will be on tour for most of the summer, and when he finishes that in October, she will still be in London – totally immersed in her theater work,” a source tells the tabloid magazine. “They were both supposed to take time off in the fall so that they could spend time together as a family. But instead Nicole decided to sign on for a hard-core and time-consuming job. It’s a bad sign.”

As the source explains, Urban and his spouse had planned on taking a break from their hectic work schedules to solely focus on their marriage, having acknowledged their distant behaviour as of late. However, with Kidman’s involvement in theater, while her partner is set to tour for the next couple of months, all signs are leading to the idea that potential divorce papers are bound to be filed.

While Kidman is using work as a distraction to deal with personal problems, her husband swiftly carries on his own career duties without considering the fact that his wife has shown signs of unhappiness. The last time Kidman and Urban were seen in public was when the actress showed up at the American Idol finale earlier this month — again, their ‘quality time’ together is never in private. The couple have put on a very convincing act, hoping to distract the media from their troubled marriage, but Kidman’s move to London until October sets a clear idea on just how broken this relationship has gotten.

By Maurice Cassidy


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