One Direction’s First Post-Zayn Malik Late-Night Interview Sure to Be a Hit

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One Direction is set to make their first post-Zayn Malik late night appearance, by way of an interview with popular talk show host James Corden. The episode, which is set to air on May 14, is sure to be a hit that will showcase that the band is doing just fine without the Bradford Bad Boy and are, in fact, in their best form yet.

In regards to the plans for the boys’ upcoming appearance, band member Liam Payne recently hinted that the foursome have some “surprises” up their sleeve, although he did not go further in stating what these may be. He went on to say that Corden is one of the band’s closest friends, and that he and the rest of the boys are incredibly proud and excited regarding the success the 36-year-old is having in America.

This late-night appearance marks a new time period for the boys, as the last time they participated in such an event was back in December when the group was still made up of five members. This took place on The Tonight Show, of which Jimmy Fallon is currently the host. Although Directioners may be concerned that this first post-Zayn Malik interview will be uncomfortable and somewhat awkward, they need not worry; in fact, the event is most sure to be a hit as the situation is far more stable and set in place than it ever was when Malik was part of One Direction.

The 22-year-old was clearly never 100 percent content being involved in such a world-renown pop phenomenon as One Direction. It was never that he did not like the other boys or had any particular beef with them; in fact, the company and companionship of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan is one of the things that kept him in the situation for as long as he stayed. Malik was and still is far less okay with the excess limelight and every move scrutinization that came with the territory, where every time he was not photographed with the other boys rumors and speculation exploded as to what he was up to or whether or not he was going to leave the band any second.

Most of the interviews containing Malik were slightly awkward to say the least, as he did not tend to say much and his lack of wanting to speak up was clearly noticed over the other One Direction members’ tendency to answer questions with enthusiasm and join in the discussion as a group. Now that the fiancĂ©e of Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards has left the group for good, the rest of the boys can freely engage in participation it takes to conduct an interview without feeling uncomfortable about their former bandmate sitting on the sidelines.

Although One Direction fans will no doubt have at least some element of sadness due to the fact that Zayn Malik had been a part of interviews and the like for almost five years, the end result will surely show them that both he and the rest of the boys are far happier and more comfortable now than they ever were from the start. For this reason, the band’s first post-Malik late-night interview is sure to be a hit.

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