Pakistan Women Mother’s Day Celebration

In Pakistan, many women are married before they are 15. Being wed off at such a young age forces women to become mothers without a choice. Pakistan women Mother’s Day celebration, is not how many mothers celebrate theirs in the US. While children honor the mothers of the world with gifts and hugs mothers in Pakistan are being abused, or becoming victims of honored murders by their husbands or male relatives. According to the Human Rights Association of Pakistan, 7,000 have survived the assaults out of the 2.5 million young women and girls in forced relationships.

In 2012 almost 1000 Pakastani girls and women were victims of the abuse and murders. Martial rape is common within the relationships. A select few of the women and girls use contraceptive protection, and it leads to a number of children being born to child mothers. Many of the girls are also out of school, and that is another challenge they face when being married, and trying to raise a child. If the women received an education they would be able to provide for their families and take better care of themselves, Pakistani Hamma Tariq, wrote in an NBC opinion piece.

In her opinion piece she speaks of how she is thankful for her mother and family for supporting her education, and providing her a healthy lifestyle. The Pakistan women celebrated Mother’s Day by giving her mother a cushion with words, and a day of pampering. Her mother is an outspoken supporter for women’s rights, and an independent thinker that wished for her children to live a life different from the other Pakistani women and girls.

Although her mother raised her children in a progressive household, she did not keep them away from living like other Pakistani’s. Tariq had to be covered from head to toe, and was never to leave the house without being accompanied by a male. She also stated her cousins were wed off at the age of 15, even though her mother grew her children up in the progressive lifestyle, she did not judge her family members because she understood getting married to them was all they wanted, since it was how they were taught.

While some young women and girls are being wed off, some Pakistani women are celebrating Mother’s Day fighting in the Taliban war. These women are known as the Lady Killers. They are found in the conservative region of northwest Pakistan hauling rifles, and exerting heavy weapons. The women became commandos because the province Khyber Paktunkwa became a violent territory. Women are turning to join forces because they enjoy the idea of not working at home, and Gul Nisa, commando trainee believes it is under God’s plan.

Nisa told NBC, Muslims are obligated to protect each other, since the country is really bad, they have to do all they can to improve it. There are 34 women in the program with Nisa, and they were all chosen by local police. The women have to go through a six month training at an academy located in Nowshera district. They are taught to use anti-aircraft launchers and anti-tanks, and they train from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m., in temperatures as hot as 122 degrees Fahrenheit, fully covered.

The women are fighting the war because there is a nationwide battle against terrorism. There have been reports of over 50,000 people who have died since 2002, in Pakistan. The codes and culture that have disclosed the women to work at home, and blocked them from going to school is the reason why they have chosen to be apart of the war to free themselves, and better the rest of the women in the country.

While many mother’s are having dinner with their families and being pampered across the globe, most Pakistani women Mother’s Day celebration is far from the ideal relaxation many mother’s cherish each year. The women are coming together to bring peace not only for themselves, but for the future of the girls and children.

By Krystle Mitchell



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Photo By Vicki Francis/Department for International Development – Creativecommons Flickr License

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