Penny Dreadful Is Back for Season 2

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is described by The Huffington Post as highly addictive and the article promises that the second season will live up to the hype of the first. The article goes on to say that if you have not watched Penny Dreadful’s first season then you definitely should. Also the episodes will be far more rich and entertaining if you know the characters and their histories.

The article goes on that the show is not exactly a mystery even though it has mystery like qualities with a supernatural theme. The show which can be dark and gloomy is also loaded with entertainment. The story is bloddy at times and involves affection, betrayal, and even regret at times. Even with the blood and freaky beasts it has the potential to make one cry at times the article went on. It adds that the cast is so wonderful that it is hard to single one actor out. It showcases a wide range of talent and Eva Green is tremendous in the role of Vanessa Ives. The Post said that she is charismatic and emotional at the same time.

The show combines characters from popular British stories such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dorian Gray. Werewolves, Egyptology, and a wild West gunslinger are also added according to the NY Times. Season involved the the search by Sir Malcolm Murray who is played by Timothy Dalton and Vanessa Ives who is played by Eva Greenfor Murray’s daughter, Mina. Mina was abducted by a vampirish creature. Ethan Chandler who is played by Josh Hartnett aids them in their search as well as Victor Frankenstein who is portrayed by Harry Treadaway. Caliban who is played by Rory Kinnear is back to haunt Frankenstein who created him and also to demand that his creator make him a bride.

Season two begins with Mina having been buried, Caliban and Frankenstein waiting for a storm of lightening in particular, and Ethan being revealed to the audience as a werewolf. The NY Times states the importance of the casting and how they will pull you into season two as they did with season one. The article added how great Green is and Kinnear as well. Kinnear brings out various sides to his character that make him multidimensional. He shows the anger of the character as well as his loneliness, restraint, and quiet intensity.

The New York Times said that at its heart Penny Dreadful is a story of troubled people banding together with common goals. While they all are hiding things they basically try to do the right thing. Their pasts and secrets just get in the way at times. Described as the best kind of TV with non stop action and heart. It has characters that you can root for and a story destined to pull people in.

Penny Dreadful is according to Variety a fine addition to the Showtime lineup. It also stated that the show is unapologetic fun and plenty good. Variety adds that fans will surely get their money’s worth in terms of plot and season two of Penny Dreadful delivers and is guaranteed to catch your attention.

By Heather Granruth



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