Royal Baby Name Game

Royal Baby
The royal baby name game is in high gear and bet takers worldwide are getting in on the action as the new addition to the Royal Family has arrived. The royal baby arrived after less than three hours of labor. Around 5:30 p.m. London time, Kensington Palace announced that mother and child would be leaving the hospital that evening for home. A short time later, William and Kate emerged from the hospital with their newborn baby girl, posed for pictures and waved to the crowds. However, unlike with first child George’s birth, they did not stop to speak with the crowds or press. Instead, the Royal Family got into their cars and returned to Kensington Palace to spend their first night together as a family of four.

The new addition to the Royal Family also joins the line of succession to the British throne. Royal baby girl is now number four in line to the British throne behind Prince Charles of Wales, who is her grandfather, along with her father, William, and her older brother, Prince George of Cambridge. The unique aspect of this royal baby’s succession is that her status in the line will be unaffected, even if her parents have another son or more children in the future. This is the result of a recent change in succession policies that were in place for more than 1,000 years.

Earlier in the day, Prince William was observed leaving St. Mary’s Hospital en route to pick up his son, Prince George of Cambridge. Upon leaving the hospital in the afternoon, William expressed his family’s delight in their new arrival. He returned a short time later with Prince George in his arms. The young heir to the throne was brought to the hospital to see his mother and new baby sister, whose name is still a mystery to the world at large.

Many wonder whether or not William and Kate will name their newborn daughter after Princess Diana, the much beloved mother of Princes William and Harry, who was killed in a tragic car accident with the paparazzi in August of 1997 in Paris, France. Princess Diana is not only much beloved and missed by her family, but also by Britain and the world as a whole. Her memory and the circumstances of her death remain a living devotion to the woman who devoted herself to others. While many speculate it would be a wonderful remembrance of a much beloved royal and missed mother, others have suggested that William and Kate may not want to create such a stir by naming the royal baby after the Princess of Wales.

As bets are taken on the royal baby name game, the world is still waiting to learn what the newborn royal baby will be named. Prince George of Cambridge was two days old when his name was released. The favorite names among the royal baby poll include Charlotte, Diana, Alice, Olivia, and Elizabeth. Whatever name is decided, it will take the form of Her Royal Highness Princess (name) of Cambridge. The name will not be released to the public until after Queen Elizabeth II has met the royal baby. How much influence the Queen Mother has in regards to naming the royal baby is unknown, but it is part of the Royal Family protocols and traditions. The same tradition was followed in the wake of Prince George’s birth in July 2013.

By Leigh Haugh

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