Start of Apocalypse Earthquakes Reported Japan to Fiji Islands?


There are natural disasters happening at an alarming rate, as predicted to start the Apocalypse. A series of earthquakes have been felt from Japan to the Fiji Islands today. The earthquake that hit the Fiji Islands was a 4.8 at 10:48 UTC,  and then hit Kolopo, Papua New Guinea  with a 5.0 earthquake at 18:03. Ofunato, Japan had a 6.8 earthquake and it hit at 21:12. The earthquakes keep rolling, a 5.2 earthquake hit Bharatpur, Nepal at 21:25, then Wallis and Futuna with a 4.5 at 00:3. After that an earthquake hit Bitung, Indonesia 5.1 at 1.59, Panguna, Papua New Guinea had a 5.0 earthquake at 2:32. Kodari, Nepal had a 4.8 at 6:26 and a 4.7 at 6:53. That is not all, there have been 49 reported earthquakes, so far today, that range from a 2.9 to a 5.1 on the Richter scale. This chain of earthquakes is extremely uncommon.

Be prepared for an earthquake. Find a safe place in your home, ahead of time, to keep safe from falling debris, such as under a sturdy table or next to an interior wall. Have an emergency plan and emergency survival items that you can live on for at least three days, especially bottled water. During an earthquake, only take a few small steps to get to a safe place, then duck, cover and hold on. Do not go outside.

By Jeanette Smith


Earthquake Report

Photo courtesy of NASA – Flickr License

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