Red Nose Day Made Its Way to the US

Red Nose Day

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine for the sick, but laughter can do a whole lot more with the help of Red Nose Day, which has finally made its way to the US. Red Nose Day is a campaign completely devoted to reaching out to those living in poverty and social injustice by raising money to help them rise up from their current conditions with the tools being provided so they can transform their lives, for the better.

On May 21, 2015, people from across the entire United States will come together as one to have a good time, raise awareness and most importantly raise money. Red Nose Day will be teaming up with NBC for a live three-hour entertainment special featuring comedians that are loved all across the country, original sketch comedy, famous actors, popular Hollywood socialites and a few of the most talented musicians around.

This campaign is run by Comic Relief Inc., which is a sister company that runs independently from Comic Relief UK. The two together share a common goal of freeing people from the clenches of poverty and doing it all through the power of laughter and pure entertainment. Comic Relief was launched on BBC live from a Sudan refugee camp on Christmas Day in 1985. The charity started off with a small number of live events, but then a few years later in 1988, the very first Red Nose Day was televised.

Red Nose Day in the UK is celebrated one day in March every two years. People from all over gather together and do something funny in order to raise money. People do comedy sketches or funny pranks from their workplace, in their homes and even at school all for supporting the cause. On that same day, the BBC televises a three-hour special full of fun, special appearances from popular stars and just good old fashion entertainment. Red Nose Day has finally made its way to the United States and people cannot seem to find a better reason to entertain and have a great time.

Since that first day in 1988, the world has seen eight other Red Nose Days, which has raised £250 million combined to help support the cause; the difference that the Red Nose Campaign as made is truly astonishing. The money that has been raised has afforded Africans to become educated about HIV and AIDS, it has given women the ability to learn how to read, allowed children to get vaccinated and has helped to rebuild entire communities for people.

In the UK, the campaign money that has been raised has helped people with disabilities battle the discrimination and prejudices that they have face all throughout their lives, provide an out for women who have fallen victim to domestic violence and helped to support the rights of elderly people, because they too have a voice that must be heard. There are also a large number of UK charities that are supported with the money that has been raised.

For all those who are interested in supporting the cause by getting involved, the easiest thing to do would be to wear a big red nose along with a funky wig and raise some awareness. For anyone wanting to support by making a donation, it is as simple as going to Red Nose Day has made its way the US and the cause is definitely one to be supported.

Opinion By Kameron Hadley


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