Suge Knight Not Having His Bail Paid by Mayweather Despite Reports

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Rap mogul Suge Knight is apparently not having his $10 million bail paid by Floyd Mayweather Jr. despite many reports that “Money” will cover it after his victory on Saturday night against Manny Pacquiao. Knight, jailed on murder and attempted murder charges and awaiting trail for allegedly having backed into and killed one of his friends, Terry Carter, with a truck, and another man, actor Cle “Bone” Sloan, may be holding out hope that his old friend, Mayweather, will come riding to his rescue and pay his bill, but according to TMZ Sports and other sources, this will not happen.

TMZ Sports reported on Thursday that a source close to “Money” said that the champ had no intentions of paying Suge’s bail if he beat Pacquiao. This contradicted statements made by Knight’s attorney to the New York Times.

Just last week, Suge Knight’s attorney, Matthew Fletcher, stated that pending a win versus Pacquiao, he expected that Mayweather would cover his client’s bail. He did not mention what he based this on, other than saying that the welterweight champ and Knight, 50, were longtime friends and that a lawyer from Mayweather’s camp allegedly contacted him and asked about what it would take to bail Knight out of jail. Mayweather’s camp has reportedly not commented on Fletcher’s statement, despite “Money” having defeated Pacquiao.

If Mayweather does come through with the bail money, Knight would definitely benefit, big time. Fletcher reportedly talked with his client on Wednesday about the possibility that Mayweather would pay his bail, and Knight said that he was “going to have to pray for him to win.” He had hoped that he might be released from jail as early as sometime this weekend.

However, Fletcher might have been getting his client’s hopes up based on nothing. According to TMZ, at any rate, when they asked Fletcher for a comment, he replied that he just said that Mayweather was going to pay his client’s bail because Knight’s family told him to say that.

The expectation that Knight has that Mayweather will pay his bail reportedly came as a surprise to the champ. Though the two had been friends, they have not been close in years, and have not even spoken to each other in years, according to CBS Local.

The co-founder of Death Row Records has been in jail since January 30, after having voluntarily turned himself in the day after the incident allegedly occurred. On Thursday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. The alleged incident took place at a movie shoot in front of a restaurant in Compton.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, a member of the LAPD said that witnesses they spoke with said “it looked like it was an intentional act.” The witnesses claimed that the co-founder of Death Row Records not only backed into and ran over the two men, but that he then “drove forwards and struck them again.”

Fletcher, who said that the conditions at the jail where his client is being held “were worse than GITMO,” requested that his client’s bail be cut in half, but the request was not granted. His client’s trial in front of a jury will commence on July 7, 2015.

With Mayweather guaranteed a rich payday no matter if he had won or lost the fight against Pacquiao on Saturday night, and would have had enough cash either way to easily pay his supposed close friend’s bail, flags should have been raised about Mayweather’s intentions to pay it before he ever actually had defeated Pacquiao. He would have had no problems paying the bail even if he had lost the fight.

Despite several reports in the media, it does not look like Suge Knight will be having his $10 million bail paid by Floyd Mayweather Jr. If Knight’s attorney, Matthew Fletcher, was aware that Mayweather had no intention of paying his client’s bill, but lied to him, because of possible pressure from Knight’s family or otherwise, he was potentially getting his client’s hopes up in vain. Knight, who has been hospitalized three times since entering prison, could be sentenced to life if he is convicted.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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