Samsung Group Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man and Android 5.1 Update

Samsung Group

Samsung Group has teamed up with Marvel for superhero Samsung phones. Samsung Group is bringing Iron Man to their newest smartphone. A tweet announced the limited edition handset.

Samsung Group has announced that the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge will be “coming soon.” There has not been any other announcements concerning a release date, additional accessories, or price.

It is not known if only the Galaxy S6 Edge will be the only Galaxy smartphone to have the Iron Man handset, or if it will also be offered for the Galaxy S6. Samsung has also not said if there will be more Marvel superhero smartphones on the way.

The new Marvel movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, is on fire at the box office, even into week three. It is anticipated that the Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge will be released soon, in order to capitalize on the movie attention. This is an ongoing collaboration between Samsung Group and Marvel Studios, which is owned by Walt Disney Co.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s display has a beveled front and poses a challenge for accessory and case creators. SkinIt has found a solution. The DROID R2-D2 made users want to be “one with the Force.” The SkinIt solution has an R2-D2 skin.

SkinIt makes device skins with a high quality 3M sticker. The skin is a strong and re-stickable skin for your phone, that is printed with high quality ink. This skin is one of the only cover solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and there is nothing else like it on the market.

SkinIt uses precise measurements and needs the careful hand of the user to apply. There is not a lot of border on the front sticker so the edges must be lined up carefully. The backing is much easier to line up and stick. Also, once applied, the skin is good for the life of the phone.

The only concern the company has is that the front skin edges are extremely thin, as is the front of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Some who have purchased the SkinIt for the Edge, have chosen not to put on the front sticker and just use the back sticker.

SkinIt has an entire Star Wars Collection for a variety of devices. The R2-D2 skin for the Galaxy S6 Edge is $15 USD.

A Samsung carrier outside of the U.S. is claiming that the update for Android 5.1 Lollipop OTA for the new Samsung Galaxy phones will be available in Canada, in June. Out of the box, the Samsung Group’s two newest smartphones already offer more than many other new smartphones. However, these two smartphones also come with a contentious RAM management bug. This bug creates memory leaks. The update could be the answer to fixing this issue.

Rogers is the top Canadian carrier who has posted the release date for this update, on its community forums. Rogers included the disclaimer that things are sometimes out of our control so release dates may change. Also, because Rogers is a Canadian carrier, their release date may not be the same as the release date for the U.S. However, this is the closest release date that has been heard about thus far.

It is also not known if the update will fix the memory leak for Samsung Group’s Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. It is, however, hopeful that the update will not bring with it new problems. Nexus users who have already received the update, are experiencing problems.

By Jeanette Smith

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