San Jose State University All Clear When Police Could Not Find Gunman

San Jose

A gunman was believed to be at the San Jose State University on Wednesday, after police received a text from an anonymous source who claimed that a person with a gun was seen inside Duncan Hall, but the all clear was given when no gunman was found. Shortly after 7 p.m. PST police received the report and began searching Duncan Hall, after blocking all traffic going to the building. Though no evacuations took place and no students were told to seek shelter, police did investigate into the matter.

University police searched with the San Jose Police Department. They searched the science building for about one hour, looking for a suspected man with a gun, however no one reported hearing shots fired and no one was injured. After no gunman was found the police gave the all clear shortly before 8 p.m. PST.

Police stated that they did not believe that there was a gunman at the school but that they were erring on the side of caution. Though police gave the all clear, they have stated that the investigation is still ongoing and police are asking anyone with information to contact the San Jose State University police.

By Crystal Boulware


ABC 7 News
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