School Bus Driver in Arizona Locks Kids Inside

School Bus Driver

A school bus driver in Arizona is currently on administrative leave and under investigation for apparently locking the children on the bus. According to the driver, he trapped the kids inside the bus because they were misbehaving and being too loud. Parents that were present to help their children off the bus say that the driver was inflicting an unjust punishment.

Around 40 children were on board. Surveillance video from inside the bus shows a pandemonium of children crying, screaming, and frantically begging with the school bus driver to let them off. They also tried to push towards the front to open the door, but the driver would not unlock it. ” You break that door, you’re going to be buying a new one,” the driver said.

“Your kid will get off the bus when I am done with ’em,” the school bus driver said to the parents waiting at the bus stop. At that point, parents were calling 911, while others were trying to push open the doors. Adam Kautman, one of the parents at the bus stop, told the police dispatch that the driver would not let their kids off the bus. Kautman said the children inside were crying and the bus driver was screaming at them.

Shortly afterwards, the bus left the stop with the children still on board. Kautman told the dispatch that, “He’s got all our kids on the bus.”

The driver eventually took the children back to Dysart Elementary School and they were allowed to get off. No injuries during the incident have been reported.

There is currently an investigation being conducted on the incident and the school bus driver, who has been put on administrative leave. Though, some parents said the punishment is not harsh enough. According to the school’s superintendent, the bus driver was not on his scheduled route. “I don’t know if he went crazy,” Kautman said. Since being put on administrative leave, the driver has quit his job.

By Alex Lemieux


CBS News

Photo by Kevin – Creativecommons Flickr License

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