Shooting Involving Police Officer in Tulare, California


According to Tulare, California, law enforcement officers, an investigation is currently underway regarding an officer involved shooting. Reports state that the gunfire was exchanged near Hilman and Cartmill in Tulare at about 3:30 a.m.

Police authorities reported that the incident originally started after the alleged suspect fled from police and led them on a short car chase through Visalia, California. At a point during the car chase, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office took charge of the chase from a surrounding police juisdiction. Shortly afterwards, a sheriff’s deputy opened fire on suspect.

According to reports, the police officer was not hurt during the exchange of fire. The suspect did not fire at the police officer during the chase. The suspect was injured during the incident and has since been transported to a local hospital. The suspect’s condition is currently unknown. No information regarding what led to the suspect fleeing from has been released.

The have been multiple shootings in the Tulare area within the past week. On May 7, local police arrested seven people in connection with a physical altercation that ended in gunfire with two people still in critical condition.

By Alex Lemieux


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