South Africa President Jacob Zuma Has a Solution for the Country

South Africa

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, has a solution to reduce inequality by 2030. The National Development Plan (NDP) is set to be implemented and raise the awareness of social problems plaguing the country. In 2010, the National Planning Commission (NPC) was set up for a period of five years and will expire this month. The NPC earnestly set about drafting the NDP plan mainly defined by the government to eliminate poverty by uniting the people of South Africa.

The NDA plan is a new story for South Africa, whereby education, hard work and ability will ensure inequality is eliminated rather than the determination of birth. The plan is to focus on education and ensure job creation is maintained. The NDA plan will ensure that the goodwill, skills and resources of people will spark a cycle of development. The emphasis is to expand opportunities and to raise the living standards of South Africans.

The employment level in 2010 was marked by 13 million people, and the high-level expectation will increase this to 24 million by 2030. South Africa currently has a population of 53 million people. The plan includes ensuring the skilled, professional and technical posts reflect the country’s disability, racial and gender makeup.The scope is to broaden the ownership of assets to historically disadvantaged people. The Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) plan works in favor of the majority.

The NDA strategy focuses on providing quality healthcare facilities, enhancing the public transport system, producing sufficient energy to sustain the country and the industry. The plan covers a wide range of infrastructures to uplift and brings security to all citizens. The critical actions of the plan are to address the poverty and boost the accountability coordination and stop corruption, including methods to reduce crime and to strengthen the justice system in South Africa.

The NDA is a plan of action only, with 15 years to enforce the quality actions of the NDA might be impossible based on the past 21 years under the ANC administration. President Zuma said the project must start in earnest, and no delays should be forthcoming, even if elements of society remain critical of the intentions.

The plan is nothing more than an intention to correct the failing government structure of the past 21 years and highlight the problems incurred under the ANC administration. However noble the plan might appear, it is a whitewashing board of manipulating voters to keep the current government in office. In the past 21 years, there is little or no positive construction of positive change. The reported violence, crime, and racial discord flourishes within South Africa as the justice system weakens, and fundamental human rights violations intensify.

The entire NDA plan is a great quote for future generations, a South African story of what can be achieved. Based on the ANC’s track record over the past 21 years, it would seem any solution for positive change is an illusory story that is impossible to achieve. The long-term perspective of the plan will remain a long standing project, defining the faults of the past. Right now, all the citizens hear is about the intentions and commissioning of the NDA plan that is in a state of planning. South Africa needs to hear about the tangible progress that has been done in relation to the plan and not how the program is being developed by planners who are in the process of planning the ultimate solution for the country.

By Laura Oneale


Photo by – GovernmentZA – Creativecommons Flickr License

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