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Supergirl: Will the CBS Show Beat FOX’s Gotham? [Video]



The CBS 2015-2016 lineup was recently announced, and the reports came with the information that a new superhero themed show is competing with that of an already popular favorite on rival channel FOX. A brand new series entitled Supergirl will be airing on the same time slot as one season veteran Gotham, and it is worth looking at whether or not viewers will stay with Ben Mckenzie in his efforts to help Bruce Wayne, or travel over to CBS to join Melissa Benoist in her regular girl by day, crime fighter by night adventures. Will the CBS show beat FOX’s Gotham? Maybe.

Set to air in November, Supergirl centers around the story of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s biological cousin. She is sent away from Krypton at the age of 12, and taken in by an Earth family. Having previously hid her powers for so long, the girl must now learn to embrace them while also controlling them and being careful. She then is forced to reveal these powers when an unexpected disaster hits, and thus begins the story. Benoist is best known for her role on the now cancelled hit FOX show Glee.

She works for a woman named Cat Grant, who is described as being a “Devil Wears Prada-like boss”. Played by actress Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), this woman runs a media conglomerate called CatCo.

Fans of the superhero series in general have stated their opinion that, if the casting and direction pans out, Supergirl could be a very good show. Some have already written it off due to the aforementioned casting of a Glee actress, but perhaps this is not the best thing to do; after all, it was not viewed that Ben McKenzie would be a good fit for FOX’s Gotham due to the fact that he was best known for starring in the teen drama The O.C. from 2004-2007, and had not been in much after that.

These worries, however, went unheeded. In fact, viewers say that Gotham is perhaps McKenzie’s best fit ever. The ratings for the show’s first season were excellent, and it has been renewed for a second run coming this fall. Perhaps, if Supergirl manages to pull out the same stops and the producers truly dedicate themselves to making it a hit, the same will be said for Benoist this November.

As for whether or not CBS’s Supergirl will take away from FOX’s Gotham in the upcoming Fall 2015-2016 season, it entirely depends at this point. Those who watch Gotham will most likely continue to watch it in the same slot, as they are already one season invested and they may not want to switch. Those who are interested in the superhero series but do not like the FOX show for any various reason may decide to give the CBS show a shot instead. There is also the fact that, even if viewers pick one over the other, it is not as though they cannot review the other one either online or on demand. The results regarding rating will come to light this Fall, when both shows hit the air.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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