Taylor Swift on ‘Maxim’ Cover as #1 on Hot List

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is now in the most desired spot as number one on Maxim’s “Hot List.” Pictured on the cover, Swift is showing off her wet hair look. Swift seems to be geared toward the look of high-fashion over the sex appeal look more often expected from Maxim readers.

May 17, she won many awards at the Billboard Music Awards and has now received the title as Maxim’s number one on the 2015 ‘Hot 100.’ Maxim has referred to her as, “the most talented woman alive” and believes she should hear that every day.

Other Maxim Hot List number one slots have been filled by, Miley Cyrus, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Bar Refaeli. When Swift was interviewed by the magazine, she was humbly honored and appreciative of the compliment.

Swift truly considers if people believe that she is attractive, which, as some men have noted, makes her even more attractive. She says this has been the best year of her life and now, she has time to hang out with her girlfriends, because her friendships are important to her. Now that she only does two to three stadium shows a week.

She was also excited that she made an album exactly the way she wanted it to be, and put it out as she dreamed. She is proud of the videos that she made from the album, the tour and how it has all come together. She feels that it is a wonderful celebration.

Swift has been talking more about feminism lately. She says there is a double standard when people judge her music personally, especially when it comes to her famous relationships. She says that when a man writes songs about emotions and leaves himself exposed, he is brave. When a woman expresses her emotion through song, she is considered whiny. Discrimination is taught from the time a child is born. She says equality needs to be understood and grasped by everyone.

Swift did not feel that she was held back from her dreams until she grew up like other people. She says double standards are in the way things are understood, how people tell stories and even in headlines.

In November, a different look for Swift, was praised on the cover of Wonderland. Her make-up artists for the cover shoot took away her eyeliner and red lips. Instead, she was given a tougher look with a glow. Now, featured on the cover of Maxim, she has changed the expectations of the magazine. The photo is actually a reprint from Wonderland’s photographer, Thomas Whiteside.

The new Editor-in-Chief, Kate Lanphear, says that Maxim is changing the meaning of sexy. Today, it is about what is relevant and exciting in the world. Swift personifies that look, says Lanphear. The rebrand has been well received, which is proven by Swift’s number one position on the ‘Hot List.’

Wonderland was surprised that Maxim used a picture from their photoshoot, but stated it means that Maxim thought it was a good shoot as well. Lanphear stated that it is common for international magazines to share photos. The images were handpicked.

By Jeanette Smith

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Photo courtesy of Toby Jagmohan’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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