‘The Amazing Race’: A Reality Show With a Hit of Adrenaline

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a reality television game show. Each season starts out with 11 teams of two, people who have some form of pre-existing personal relationship. The contestants travel in teams of two around around the world, competing for the main prize. The point of the game is to be the first to arrive at each ‘pit stop’ to receive prizes, but the goal is not to be the last. Coming in last, increase chances of getting eliminated and the teams have to work hard and fast to follow each challenge and arrive correctly at each stop. The Amazing Race is a hit show with lots of challenges and, contains quite the adrenaline fix.

The goal of the show for each team to receive clues to take them to their next destination, while performing the assigned tasks. The tasks are somehow related to the country and culture that the teams are traveling to. The rules allow the contestants to travel to multiple countries using different types of transportation; these include airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters, trucks, bicycles, buses, boats, trains, cars, taxicabs, and even by foot. The teams are slowly eliminated until there are three teams left. Finally, the most exciting part of the race starts when the last three teams compete for the final prize by seeing which team arrives at the end destination first.

The show originally aired in the United States in 2001 and has since won 13 Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. Phil Keoghan, a New Zealand television personality, hosts the competitive reality show. The show has been such a hit that the reality show has branched out to international versions as well. The show has inspired a competitive streak around the world. The hit of adrenaline has been inspired by the hit reality competition show, The Amazing Race. 

Certain questions come up as viewers continuously watch The Amazing Race on a weekly basis. Which team will get there first this weekWhich team has been the best so far, who will get there first to win the grand prize? Viewers sit glued to the television set every week, anticipating the results, trying to predict the outcome in the end. The efforts that these teams put in to get to each leg of the race is amazing, but good communication, supporting each other and having a positive attitude will help each couple stay strong in order to have a good chance of getting to the final destination first. Watching each team work so hard, the viewers want to support them all but there can only be one winner in the end.

There are couples who do not work well together, and stay behind to get eliminated. The show is also about building communication skills and improving relationships. The show does let competitors walk away while fulfilling their need for adrenaline. The Amazing Race airs on Friday nights at 8p.m. on CBS. The Amazing Race has had 26 exciting seasons, and each year it seems to bring in new adventures and new excitement.

The restriction in this race is that the teams can run into many challenging obstacles as they reach each leg. Each week, the contestants pursue to accomplish different tasks based on the clues that are given, with their goal being to accomplish each task and get past each obstacle along the way. Successful contestants make it to the next leg of the race. The first team to reach the final destination wins the grand prize of $1 million dollars. The Amazing Race is a hit show that provides the contestants and the viewers with a certain amount of adrenaline. The contestants are in it to win it; in the end, they come out a little bit richer, a little bit wiser and physically stronger.

By Elina Brik


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