‘The Bachelorette’ Celebrates All That Is Wrong in Dating

The Bachelorette

There are plenty of viewers for The Bachelorette, approximately 7.1 million the week of May 18 , but The Bachelorette celebrates all that is wrong with dating. It is perhaps more unfortunate that many people probably use the show, and its sibling show The Bachelor, as a guideline for the do’s and do not’s of relationships.

Hence, the problem. The shows are not reality, but are manufactured messes that end up, in some cases, hurting those who sign up to be in them. One Bachelor contestant spoke out several years ago, stating the women vying for the man’s attention were conditioned while they were participating in the show. There was no outside news or entertainment. Pictures of the guys were everywhere and the only information the contestants received related to this one man. She said, by the end of her time there, her psyche believed that truly there was no other man in the world better than him.

Moral problems abound on these shows. People are encouraged to connive and lie to get what they want. The women use manipulative tactics to get the man alone and the men physically fight and lie to get the woman’s attention. This showcases the worst of people and of presumed love.

Viewers in this 11th season of The Bachelorette, featuring former Bachelor contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe, are in for a world of moral quandaries amidst drama. The show has always had its share of moral issues, particularly when the woman invites one or more bachelors for a sleepover in a romantic Fantasy Suite. While details of the night are not cataloged on the show, it is presumed that sex is involved. One contestant on The Bachelorette, Constantine Tzortzis of Georgia, refused an overnight invite from Ashley Herbert in Season 7. Tzortzis said he could not see a long-term relationship, but it was one of the few times someone refused such an invitation and that made for a brief moment of moral clarity.

In this season, rumors are already flying that Bristowe finished the show with an unplanned memento. While Bristowe is laughing off pregnancy rumors, she admitted to having sex with one of the contestants before the Fantasy Suite episode. Bristowe said in an interview she is not ashamed of her actions. After all, she is a 30-year-old woman. The problem with her logic is there is not an age where casual sex with a stranger should ever be acceptable. However, this marks a first for the show with the pregnancy rumors and the pre-Fantasy Suite intimacy and puts the show on the road to new lows while ratings continue to go up.

Another bombshell is scheduled to air this season. One of the male contestants, Clint Arlis, confessed his love for fellow male contestant J.J. Lane. He said the two grew close in the shower. Even though gay couples are all the rage today, it remains a bit shocking that two would end up on The Bachelorette. Then again, Arlis said he was not gay prior to meeting Lane and never expected to fall in love with another man. That is a strike against the whole genetically born gay argument, but that is for another topic.

When it comes down to it, the main reason people watch these shows if for the voyeurism, which demonstrates another problem that society needs to solve. These rumors and bombshells make for great television, but create no positive affirmation for society or dating as a whole. True, it may be a good escape from reality, but shows like The Bachelorette leave people with a sense of what is acceptable in society. The reality is actions on the show should never be acceptable in society. We must recognize that The Bachelorette promotes all that is wrong in dating and that simply will not result in happy endings.

Opinion by Melody Dareing

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