‘The Messengers’ May Be Needed in Real World as Apocalyptic Fears Grow

The Messengers

The Messengers, aired on CW, is a show centered around the theme of a Biblical apocalypse. When a strange object lands on Earth, it emits an energy pulse, causing six strangers to die only to re-awake and discover that it is their job to stop the pending apocalypse (though more strangers join in new episodes). Though nothing strange has crashed onto Earth lately, in reality, it could be possible that the real world may be needing a group like the messengers to stop a pending apocalypse, due to the most recent growing fears that the world will soon come to an end.

It may seem silly, really, to worry so much about the world ending, especially for as long as it has gone on. However, according to many recent events, followers of the Christian God fear that the world will end, with the Lord coming back as written in Revelations, any day now. Claiming that Biblical signs are everywhere, the mysterious events that have taken place lately have provided for such belief.  The Messengers displays this type of end of the world theme. However, even for those who do not believe in a Biblical apocalypse, apocalypse by zombies, asteroid collision, nuclear bombing, etc. is still the end of the world.The Messengers Though the world is no closer to a theme like AMC’s The Walking Dead, NASA has made recent statements about a possible asteroid collision, and with wars and talk of “nuclear deals,” it is also very possible that the world could end in nuclear bombing.

The Messengers, unlike The Walking Dead, provides a very straightforward approach to how the world will end. Playing off of stories in the Bible, the messengers work to stop the four horsemen of the apocalypse, fighting Biblical demons along the way, including fighting against plots from the Devil. Providing a twist to the story, however, is the fact that the messengers fight their own personal drama, and some of them are not quite pure in heart. Often times it seems that the messengers let their personal problems stand in the way of doing the job that is before them, but in the end tracking down the horsemen and keeping them from “breaking the seal” into who they really are is the goal. Though their pending end of the world is all part of a television show, reality may also prove the need for messengers.

With apocalyptic fears growing, the real world may certainly be needing The Messengers to stop a pending apocalypse on Earth. Though there are “messengers” everywhere who work to deliver messages to people about how the world is going to end, who is going to stop it if those messages are true? Enter NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Messengers(NASA) is working to figure out how to deflect an asteroid, as NASA has predicted the end of the world will be by asteroid collision, but possibly not for over 100 years. Though some say a killer asteroid could be coming in as little as ten years (based on speculation as to why NASA is working so hard to help humans live on Mars, in the next ten years), NASA is confident that they can figure out a way to keep that from happening, just as they did in the movie Armageddon (though painfully Bruce Willis died doing such).

NASA has also made comments on what they believe the strange sounds are that seem to be coming from the skies, as an explanation was needed as the event was giving everyone growing fears of a Biblical apocalypse, in the real world, just as the featured on The Messengers. Naturally, NASA’s explanation was not one of Biblical proportions, but rather a more scientific approach. However, it is the even that is more interesting. Videos have been posted on YouTube, every now and then, of people video taping the sky, as strange horn like sounds seem to come from it. As people stood around in awe, many began claiming that these horns were the horns mentioned in Revelation, the last chapter in the Bible that tells of the end of the world, and the Lord’s return. These noises coming from the sky put fear in the hearts of those who, want God to return, but are still unsure about how the messengersthe end of the world, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the seven years of tribulation, all mentioned in the Bible might go. However, NASA claims that the noises were just movement from the Earth, stating that they occur all of the time, people just do not often hear them. However, if that is truly what it is, why has the Earth gone on this long without anyone really hearing them, and then all at once several places around the world began hearing them often?

NASA has been talking a lot about the end of the world, lately, however one thing they have not weighed in on are the wars going on in Yemen, which many are describing as the destruction of the city of Damascus, in the Bible. However, even if one is not religious, it is pretty clear that the Middle East wars are causing massive destruction and mass casualties, a move which may destroy the area, and cause the end of the world, for at least the Middle East. With much talk about the purchasing of nuclear weapons, however, it could also meanThe Messengers the end of the world for the entire world. Should any country at war choose to use nuclear weapons, it could mean such. With recent Iran nuclear talks supposedly being handled, as Iran and other countries, including the U.S., sat down and negotiated a deal, which is now in draft, the issue may be at a minimum, but the chances of an apocalypse by nuclear bombing are still viable.

Asteroid collision, nuclear bombing, Biblical apocalypse as described in the book of Revelation in the Bible, or even zombie takeover, massive volcano explosion (as defined in documentaries about the top ways the world could end, scientifically), or global warming, are all ways that the world could end. The fears that are growing about an impending apocalypse may prove that the real world needs a group like The Messengers who can stop a possible end of the world. However, it is likely that no one can stop the end of the world, especially the scientific ways that the world could end.

As the world seems to be obsessed with the end of the world, giving into fears is just the result of all of the ideas that humans have long had about impending doom. Though movies like The Messengers on CW, The Walking Dead on AMC, Revolution on NBC (a show about the world ending in power outages), and Falling Skies on TNT (a show about humans fighting an alien end of the world) all feature humans working to fight the apocalypse, the real world fears that are growing over certain events that are taking place in the world, may simply be fears. Or, then again, the world could end tomorrow. The simple fact is there may not be a group of messengers who can stop it from happening, but the world may just need something like it, if it is to last.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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