‘ The Mindy Project’ Cancelled by Fox but There May Still Be a Season Four

The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling, 35, is the creator and star of the Fox television show, The Mindy Project, which has not been picked up for a fourth season by Fox. However, the day after the news, Kaling posted an ambiguous video on Instagram and Twitter, which excited fans and gave them hope with Kaling’s smirks and a wink.

One of Kailng’s followers posted, “It’s definitely not over!” another said, “Don’t tease us,” with many emojis. More will be heard about The Mindy Project when networks announce their new fall line-ups and cancellations.

Making things even worse, the season 3 finale of The Mindy Project ended on a cliffhanger. Danny got on a plane to go to India, in order to ask for Mindy’s parents’ blessing. Also fans have not yet met the child of Mindy and Danny.

Kaling said, before learning The Mindy Project was being cancelled by Fox, that she takes great pride in the show and would not do anything differently. Mindy likes the way the characters have developed over the last three seasons. She says she enjoys working with Fox and just wants it all to continue.

However, even if the show is not picked up for a fourth season, Kaling is proud of the creativity of the show. She wants the legacy of the show, which she considers to be a “breeding ground for insane talent.”

The Mindy Project is a love story that involves two realistic people. The show co-stars, Chris Messina. The Fox Network show does not shy away from real life. She does not feel there will be many more shows that are true to life, on network television.

It is possible that Hulu may pick up The Mindy Project for its fourth season. Universal TV, the studio responsible for filming the show, is discussing two more seasons with Hulu. A deal has not yet been reached, however, The Mindy Project has a strong following on Hulu, which already has all three seasons.

The show has a niche following, but it continuously has a low rating. When the show aired its season finale, in March, there were 2.1 million viewers with a rating of 0.8 and an age demographic of 18-49. Both Hulu and Universal Television refused to comment, but if Hulu picks-up The Mindy Project, it will be for at least two seasons. Most of the shows’ audience streams the show from Hulu.

TBS is reinventing their comedy shows, with an entirely new fall line-up. Reilly and Kaling talked about bringing The Mindy Project over to TBS, but it was Hulu who one over other outlets, such as NBCUniversal-owned Bravo, which has held marathons of The Mindy Project.

In The Mindy Project, Mindy plays a hopelessly romantic obstetrician. The show has not been a leader in the ratings during its three years on the air. There have been talks about the show being on the chopping block for some time. The show does do well, however, with streaming viewers and those who record it on the DVR.  The move to Hulu, therefore, makes complete sense. Other shows have moved to an online environment, and have been successful, such as, Community, Arrested Development and Tina Fey’s, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, on Netflix. There is still hope for Mindy’s fans.

Kaling believes that Mindy’s story should go on and that fans would be upset not to be able to experience more adventures with Mindy and the gang. She also admits that she may feel that way because she came from, The Office, which had an eight season run with Kaling, and continued on for another season after she left. Kaling said she is up for the challenge of a long running show.

By Jeanette Smith


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