The Originals: Fire With Fire [Recap/Review]

The Originals

It looks like Klaus really has turned against his family on The Originals, if Fire With Fire is anything to go by. The hybrid Mikaelson sibling seems to be, but Joseph Morgan did tweet saying that there may be something redeemable about him yet. His character is one that fans never know whose side he really is on.

There is not much for people to do on The Originals, so it leads to Davina still trying to unlink Rebekah from the children. Meanwhile, Klaus enjoyed the parade and may have finally understood why his siblings hold grudges against him whenever they are daggered.

Some good news in this week’s episode is that Davina will be the regent for all the nine witch covens, and they will help Hayley disappear with Hope if necessary. The two hybrids are currently stuck in the bayou, with Dahlia’s storm. Mary is there with her herbs burning black because there is magical storm in the air. Hayley decides that she needs to keep the pack safe by leaving them. She and Jackson say they will go, but the pack decides to stick by her anyway.

Freya tells her brother and sister that Dahlia drew Klaus to her by killing Aiden. They need to lure her in between two of Klaus’ paintings, so she will become mortal and can be killed with Mikael’s knife. Rebekah will need to make a doll look like Hope to get her there.

In Fire With Fire it looks like Elijah is finally moving on from Hayley in The Originals. When Gia turns up, he needs her to get away and kisses her passionately to prove that he wants her out to protect her.

Meanwhile, Klaus goes to Marcel and drains him of his vervain. Of course, there is a dramatic note to it, because that is just what Klaus is like on The Originals. Dahlia does not understand either, but it does not matter. All that she cares about is getting Hope, and Klaus makes it clear that those close to them Elijah and Rebekah’s weaknesses, and that means Gia and Marcel.

Davina struggles with the covens after working with the vampires. However, she uses the fact that she has at least stood up to vampires and won as a way to lure them in. She makes it clear that the covens cannot cope without her. Of course, she leaves out the fact that she wants this to bring back Kol.

While Freya, Elijah and Rebekah get on with their plan on The Originals, Hayley, Jackson, Hope and a few of the werewolves use the break in the storm to get out of the bayou.

Marcel turns up just as Rebekah is performing the spell, along with Klaus and Dahlia. It turns into a fight between six of them, with Marcel clearly now compelled to fight Rebekah. Dahlia also breaks the news to Freya that she is not the person she loves the most, so her blood is not the ingredient to kill her. Dahlia puts Freya back into her sleep, and it is down to three against two.

Klaus has also compelled Gia, and gets her to remove her daylight ring. Elijah can just watch as Gia dies. In his anger, Elijah vamps out and fights Klaus. However, Klaus has the upper hand and stabs Elijah with Papa Tunde’s knife. Cami shows up in that time and Klaus bites her, making sure Dahlia is watching at the time.

Rebekah is left shackled with Marcel as bodyguard in The Originals, and Marcel is under orders to kill her if she tries to flee. Rebekah discusses the fact that dying would mean waking in her own body. That means she loses her chance at a mortal life, but it is one she is willing to accept. Marcel is not happy about it, though. Instead of asking Marcel to kill her, Rebekah kills herself and the promos for next week’s The Vampire Diaries make it look like Claire Holt is back and Rebekah was right.

Hayley and Jackson are still on the road to Alaska when Klaus turns up. Mary takes Hope, so Jackson and Hayley can fight together. When they turn up, Dahlia performs her curse. All the Crescent wolves linked to Jackson and Hayley will be cursed to wolf form, except for the night of the full moon. Poor Hope is left to find for herself.

The good news is that Klaus told Cami something before he bit her. When she wakes up in The Originals, she gets to Elijah and pulls out the knife. Klaus knows whose blood they need and how to kill Dahlia.

Klaus finds Hope in a truck, and he wants to make a few changes for his daughter’s sake. He does not like the sleeping curse. Rather than bonding to Hope, he wants Dahlia bonded to him, which will then link her to Hope. That makes sense considering he is the immortal hybrid in The Originals.

Everything is set up for the season finale next week. Klaus seems to have some redeemable moments. When he plays a part in The Originals he puts everything into it, and that seems like just what he is doing in Fire With Fire.

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