Three People Shot Near University of California

university of california

Three people have been shot near the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus. Officials recently released a statement detailing that they were still investigating the matter in order to apprehend any suspects and fully figure out exactly what happened.

According to reports, police responded to the scene at around 7:30pm Monday evening (May 11). A notification was issued by the campus emergency alert system informing all students and visitors of the situation, in order for them to better take care of their own personal safety as a result and know exactly what was going on. Everyone in campus was seriously advised to stay inside while the matter was being investigated, and reports have also confirmed that all campus dorms were put on lockdown just after 8pm.

In regards to who committed the shooting at the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California, no names have yet been released as to any potential suspects or the like. However, a Hispanic male has been reported as having fled the area shortly after the incident. He was in a white sedan.

By Rebecca Grace


USA Today

Photo by Jerry Raia – Creativecommons Flickr License

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