Tornado in Kenner Louisiana Brings Destruction


Early Tuesday morning, during severe weather, an EF-1 tornado occurred in Kenner, Louisiana, bringing much destruction to the area. Buildings were hit and some businesses were unable to resume as normal. For three hours the city was under a tornado watch by the National Weather Service, and they did in fact confirm that one had made its way through southeast Louisiana.

Though only rated an EF-1, the tornado still caused much damage which residents will have to now recover from. So far no reports of injuries or deaths have been made. Sources state that it was amazing that no one driving got hit with flying debris. The debris seemed to come from many buildings which the tornado brought destruction to in Kenner, Louisiana.

The city is now under flash flood warning, as following tornadoes, many cities have had such, sometimes so severe that evacuation is required. Kenner officials do not believe that a flash flood in the area will be anything like the ones in Texas or Oklahoma, due to the fact that they have not had as much bad weather or rain, lately, as those places have. However, Louisiana does still have bodies of water, and can also have flooding occur from other mishaps caused by the tornado. Barges broke loose, according to officials, and entered the Parish Line Canal. In addition, due to severe winds and danger, many driving bridges across the water were closed down, momentarily.

The tornado was apparently 75 to 100 yards wide, carrying a wind speed of 110 miles per hour. The storm caused many power outages which were reported to the local electric company. Buildings in Rivertown also suffered much damage, but the tornado brought the most damage to Kenner, Louisiana.

By Crystal Boulware


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