Turkey’s Coastguard Rescuing 600 People in the Aegean Sea

turkey's coastguard

Over the last few days, Turkey’s coastguard has completed multiple search and rescue missions to save at least 600 people attempting to cross the Aegean Sea to reach Europe. Many people have been trying to cross the sea to flee the violence in the Middle East, especially in Syria. According to the provincial governor’s office, women and children have found in rubber lifeboats and makeshift rafts to make the journey. Over 400 of the migrants have saved as of now.

According to local law enforcement, Turkey’s coastguard also apprehended a man who allegedly illegally trafficked humans into Europe. Around two million Syrian refugees and others from around the Middle East have fled their war-torn home countries for Turkey. Apparently many refugees have been paying extremely high amounts of money to human traffickers to help them reach Europe.

Last month, almost 1,000 people drowned off the coast of Libya, according to the refugee agency at the United Nations. Approximately 1,800 people have died this year attempting to cross the sea.

By Alex Lemieux


Yahoo News

Photo by Sgt. Austin Hazard – Creativecommons Flickr License

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