Violent Gang Incident at Texas Restaurant Leaves Multiple People Dead


A horrific incident in Waco, Texas earlier this afternoon (May 17) has left multiple people dead, as well as others injured. The conflict is said to have occurred between two rival motorcycle gangs.

Shortly after the timeslot of 12pm, authorities were called to the Twin Peaks restaurant in question upon reports of an incident having been started. It reportedly began in the restaurant itself, and then moved out into the parking lot following its escalation. It was not only guns that were used in the incident; indeed, authorities have stated that bats, knives, chains, and clubs were also involved. As for what the gangs were and exactly what started the violent incident, there has not yet been any information on this released as of now.

The names of those deceased have not yet been released, nor the ages or what they had to do with the Texas restaurant conflict (or whether they were simply casualties of the incident itself). No police officers are said to have been injured the shooting. Civilians were instructed to avoid the area in question, and both Twin Peaks and Don Carlos were subsequently placed on lockdown as a result of what had happened.

Update: A total of nine individuals are said to have been killed in the Texas incident that occurred just a few hours ago on the afternoon of Sunday, May 17. Identities are still unknown.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


WFAA – Nine dead, others injured in Waco biker brawl

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Reid’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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