West Ridge Murder Victim Identified

west ridge

The woman who was fatally stabbed in the West Ridge area of Chicago has been identified. The murder victim was 53-year-old Jerren Jackson, and the medical examiner’s office has since given the statement that she died at the scene and that there was no chance recovery through hospitalization or emergency surgery.

The incident occurred at around 4pm, in North Bell’s 6200 block, where the deceased is said to have resided. Although it is not yet known who killed the woman in West Ridge, reports have stated that one person has since been taken into custody for questioning surrounding the matter, but no arrests nor charges have yet occurred.

As for why the stabbing happened in the first place, the crime is said to be related to some kind of domestic disturbance that got exceedingly out of hand. This is all that is known at this time, in regards to the details of said issue and who was involved. The coroner’s office has confirmed, however, that Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene in the West Ridge area of Chicago when officers arrived.

By Rebecca Grace


Chicago Sun Times

Photo by Samuel A. Love – Creativecommons Flickr License

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