Will Chris Brown Ever Truly Get a New Start in Life?


Rapper Chris Brown has once again found himself in hot water with the law, this time in regards to an alleged assault having taken place at a basketball game. Given that the Run It singer was seemingly changing his ways due to his daughter, Royalty, recently coming into his life, the question is raised as to whether or not the 26-year-old will ever truly get his life on a straight and narrow path.

The proposed incident in question is said to have taken place early Monday morning, in Las Vegas. A yet-unnamed man came forward to authorities with the accusation that the entertainer had assaulted him at the Palms Casino Resort following a verbal confrontation. The alleged victim says that not only did Brown hit him, but that he was also struck by another man who was accompanying the singer. The man who claims to have been assaulted was reportedly taken to hospital having sustained non-life threatening injuries, and was released shortly following examination. Brown, through his publicist, has since denied being involved in the matter whatsoever. Whether or not the instance turns out to have actually happened, the performer seems to be permanently stuck with an unlawful reputation that may mean he will never truly get a fresh start in life.

Just over two months ago, the internet was left reeling after reports came to light detailing the news that Brown was, in fact, the father to a nine-month old baby named Royalty. The singer is said to have been away of this long before the rest of the world, but had no desire to publicize the matter and create drama out of it, especially given the fact that he and then-girlfriend Karrueche Tran were already experiencing enough relationship problems as it were. The woman revealing her story to the tabloids created something of a problem in terms of child support, a matter of which Brown had made private arrangements with her about in order to keep it out of the courts. Following the revelation, however, it was said that the two would most likely have to work out a deal with family lawyers; this would not work out in the woman’s favor so much as Brown was providing her with far higher of a compensation than she would get should things go through legal hands.

In regards to his new adventures in fatherhood, Brown has responded extremely positively and has even gone on to say that he never imaged being able to love a single person so much as he does Royalty. He spends ample time with the child, and has jumped full into his responsibilities and the commitment they entail in terms of being present and supportive of his daughter. This was the reason for his staying out of and away from trouble, and keeping his nose clean of conflict. Recent events, however, seem to detail the possibility that no matter how hard he tries, the singer may never truly be able to get a fresh start in life.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace



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