Woman Dies After Contracting Cancer From Pregnancy

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A woman from Oak Grove, Minnesota has died after succumbing to a rare form of cancer associated with becoming pregnant. Athena Krueger was 33 years old. She passed away the day after her daughter’s first birthday.

Krueger learned that she had contracted the cancer during the beginning of her first and only pregnancy. It was diagnosed as being a form of breast cancer that is contracted after becoming pregnant, and there was nothing the doctors could do for her. Indeed, her illness became so terrible that she ended up in hospice quite regularly just before her passing. However, reports state that she still managed to arrange a tea-party themed birthday event for her daughter just the weekend before her death.

Her husband says that the woman did not actually believe that God would not heal her and help her get better until just before her passing. He says that she was sure he would leave her on this Earth to stay with her daughter and keep turning others to her faith, which she is said to have done quite a bit during her life.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Kyle Hale – Creativecommons Flickr License