Yemen Exiled Government Recalls Envoy in Tehran


Yemen exiled officials have just announced that they have recalled the ambassador in Tehran. The decision comes after Iran has stated that they will not allow a humanitarian aid ship to be docked and controlled, as this would be illegal.

Saudi Arabia has been providing political shelter for President Hadi and other officials after they have fled the country. The Houthi rebels have claimed control of the capital and most of the country on March 26, 2015 and since then fierce battles alternate with cease fire truce breaks, to allow aid to be provided.

Iran has been accused by the exiled Yemeni officials that they have been sponsoring heavily the Houthi Shi’a rebels to take over the country and overthrow the Hadi regime. Saudi Arabia has been attacking Yemeni Houthi strongholds, in attempt to reinstate Hadi back in power.

Recalling the ambassador in Tehran is being perceived as an escalation of the conflict in the region, but Iran through its head of National Security and Foreign Policy committee, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, has accused Saudi Arabia as being traitors, for killing Yemeni brothers, and compared their actions with the Israel military aggression on Palestine.

Diplomatic revenge actions like that of the exiled Hadi are not meant to ease the talks to defuse the military conflict, moreover the legal prerogatives of such exiled officials is deigning numb of inspiring credibility. Far from making efforts to stabilize the region turmoil, recalling an exiled official himself, like the ambassador in Iran, is only increasing confusion on the authority legitimacy in the Gulf.

By Lucky Graziano

Al Arabiya News – Yemen recalls its ambassador to Iran

Photo Courtesy of Ash Carter by Flickr page – Creative Commons License

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